“I’m buying a new gun.”


“Don’t you want to know which one?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Why not?”

“When Sandy finds out you bought a new gun she is going to kill you before you have a chance to DROS it into your name.”


“Well, do you want to see what I want to get.”


“Take a look at this beauty!”

“Good Lord!  What the hell is that?!?”

“It’s a Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Action 30.30!”

“It looks like a AR-15 cowboy gun.”

“Yeah!  I know!  A lever action black, scary rifle!  I’m going to put Vortex Optics on it and offset iron sights!  Cause, you know… why not?!?”

“Sandy really is going to kill you.”

“Heh heh, I know right?!”

So, the above conversation took place between Kavon and myself a couple of weeks ago.  The rifle in question is, in fact, the Mossberg 464 SPX.  For those of you old enough to have watched the western TV show, The Rifleman, you may remember that the main character wielded a lever action 30.30.  This was the quintessential “cowboy” rifle. 

As the government of California has done its best to make the acquisition of “black, scary rifles” as difficult (and in many instances as distasteful) as possible, Mossberg has thrown a grenade of sorts over the enemy’s wall.

The 464 SPX is both elegant and arrogant at the same time.  Anti-gunners are fond of using the missive, “No one needs that type of gun.”  Mossberg has actually made one that even some pro 2A people may end up thinking that exact thing.

Kavon, ADI’s general manager, was the other part of that conversation above.  He is infinitely more rational than I am.  He also completely understands the spiritual value that comes with showing the State a big, black, tactical middle finger.

“How are you going to carry that, Steven?”

“On a single-point sling, just like my AR.”

“Yes… of course… why would you carry it any other way.”

There is here, of course, a greater point.  The State has endeavored to ban weapons that cosmetically offend certain individuals.  This rifle appears to be specifically designed to offend those same people, and their patrons in Sacramento.

George Orwell opined that the greatest fear a despot has is being laughed at.  Thus, the State cannot tolerate being mocked.

Which is exactly the reason I will be buying this gun.

(Please, don’t tell Sandy!)

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