2015 draws to a close we are left with some impossible things to ponder:

Will I be prepared to fight to defend myself… my family… even strangers… I have never met?

A couple of generations ago this question would not have needed pondering.  The answer would have been a resounding OF COURSE!

Now, we are a nation waking up to the stark conclusion that we cannot legislate away violence.  We cannot pretend that ours is a species that does not co-exist at different places on the psychological evolutionary scale.  We must come to grips with the reality that the act of denial does not turn our adversaries into dear friends.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. once wrote “Unilateralism breeds the arrogance of ignorance… and ignorance breeds bad policy.”   He was writing about nuclear disarmament… but his statement resonates on the tactical level as well.

We have unilaterally created a belief system that all is unicorns and rainbows… that wolves themselves are mythical creatures, and with proper counseling are fully capable of becoming vegetarians.  Therefore, by logical conclusion, developing defensive strategies that embrace violence are are misguided, and frankly just simply beneath us.

Ahhh, yes.. there it is… the arrogance of gun control.

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Please… no oneneedsa gun!

We whole heartedly agree!  No one needs a gun…unless of course you find yourself in a situation where by golly you sort of do needa gun.  (Then if you don’t have one, you can rest assured you will probably never needone again.)

After San Bernardino something happened to the body politic.  At the very least the body politic that lives in Southern California.

Immediately after the troglodytes attacked our citizens members of the political class took it upon themselves to once again bemoan the ease at which people can acquire guns.  The intended response did not manifest though.

The people saw that the thugs had attacked with rifles… but they also had bombs… a whole slew of bombs.  They also remembered the hipster jihadists in Boston that slaughtered the innocents with pressure cookers, not .556 rounds.

The argument against tools, rang hollow when the proponents of this mad narrative could not even articulate the animating ideology of the goblins.

“No No my good people! it is not about Islamic Radicalism.  It is not about a class of civilizations.  It is about a tube of metal with a folding shoulder thingie.  We need to ban that!!!!  If we do then all will be right with the world.”

People listened, and nodded.  They then went en masse to gun stores to buy, for many of them… their first firearm.  

The one thing that scares any tyrant, any demagogue is the nagging belief that the people that they are controlling secretly see that the emperor has no clothes.

Their gun store purchases, their internet searches and their ccw applications speak louder than the emotional proclamations that come from our betters.

We as a society have made a decision.

We are not going to be victimized.

Not by jihadists.

Not by our own government.

We will own guns.  We will train with our weapons.  We will acknowledge and identify our enemy, and will root him out.  We will relegate him to the ash bin of history where he belongs.

2016 brings another chapter in the class of civilizations.  Not the final chapter.  Not by a long shot.  But a chapter that has as its chief protagonist a citizenry that has dusted off the shackles incredulity and has accepted the ultimate reality.

This is an existential threat that we face.  We must defeat it… for submission is suicide.


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