A Call to Pens



A Call to Pens

Last week I received this email and, (after getting permission from Ken) I have decided to share it with all of you….

My name is Ken Anderson and I heard today that our state lawmakers passed the first step to six new gun control laws.  I was made aware of these laws by receiving e-mails from the NRA which I’m a member and although they are not perfect, they are all we have as a group that keeps us aware and informed when our 2nd, amendment rights are in trouble.  

I’m not surprised by this because as a gun owner and one who tries to be prepared, I watch these new anti gun laws and take action.   On these last six, I wrote letter of opposition and personally delivered them to the offices of Tony Mendoza and Assembly woman Kim Young who are my two representatives.  Here’s my problem,  when I talk about these laws to my friends and folks I know who shoot and train, they act like it’s not their job to do much.  The common response is ” That will never happen” or ” My guns are hidden” …


I’ve taken courses at you place and always left a smarter and more prepared person, but if the majority of guns owners, both men and women are strong and dauntless enough  to carry, why are they to weak and lazy to stand up for their rights and contact the ones who will take their guns and rights away..   Everyone I asked to make a phone call or simply send a notice to their senator looks at me like I was nuts, a dear in the headlight kind of thing.         

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If bad things like restricting or limiting gun ownership will never happen, and it is,   then why are they training, what makes them think that the need to defend them self will ever happen?     We talk about sheep, that is what most gun owners truly are, sheep..   I appears they can fight for their safety, but not for their rights..  

As I’ve learned in your institute,  One fight is a pain in the ass, it takes training, bravery and split second action and control, the other takes  writing a letter or e-mail and trying to get your buddy to do the same, no big deal, right?   You just have to pry your gun totting ass out of the Lazy Boy chair and send a simple letter.    


I am so proud to carry a CCW and do my very best to not become a victim, but we are being victimized right now and we do nothing..


These laws must now go through Assembly then on to the Governor to sign, they are pushing to have this done quickly..  


It’s our responsibility as a gun owner to train and practice, but to be aware and involved.

Ken nailed it on the head.  

We tend to have some degree of passivity when we see some of these irrational and often counter intuitive laws get handed down.  We know that many of them will not survive judicial muster, and while we shake our collective heads in concern, few of us do anything substantive to stop these things.

We must end this passivity.  

Ken is one hundred percent correct.  We train for the potential of a catastrophic violent event… but when it comes to our fundamental liberties…. we would rather watch Game of Thrones and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

We are patriots and at the most fundamental level defenders of freedom.  Not just for our posterity but selfishly for ourselves as well.  If we fail to engage in the most basic tenants of democracy do we have anyone else to blame but ourselves for loss of liberty?

There are those who have stood on the lines of battle and paid the ultimate price to secure our freedoms.  Can we not honor their sacrifice with the most basic of administrative actions and write our legislators?  Not to do so does a disservice to ourselves…and to those that fought before us.


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