Á mes amis en France, merci!

Á mes amis en France, merci!

Á mes amis en France, merci!



On Sunday the 12th of October something seismic happened.



These things do happen from time to time, but you have to look for them.  Sometimes they are immediately apparent; sometimes, upon reflection, we can see that a particular event was an inflection point.



Back during President Trump’s first presidential campaign… (the one that everyone said Hillary Clinton was guaranteed to win)… such an event took place.  It didn’t happen in the United States.



It happened in Britain.



Sandy and I were in a cabin in Iceland, about two hours north of Reykjavik.  We were watching the BBC and they had just announced that Boris Johnson was to be the next Prime Minister.



This was the exact moment I realized Donald Trump was going to take the presidency.



The people of Britain were, for a variety of reasons, disillusioned or, at the very least, distrustful of the European Union.  They wanted out.  Boris promised to do it, and he wound up in Number Ten Downing Street.  What they ultimately got may not have been what they ultimately  wanted… but it represented a sea change in public opinion nonetheless.  That same public opinion was manifesting in the U.S.



France has always had an interesting embrace of democracy.  If you thought ours was messy, it does not even remotely compare to what goes on in France.  Unlike here, disparate political factions do not coalesce within a single political party.



We have Democrats and Republicans.



They have 500 different political parties.



What they do tend to do, though, is roughly differentiate into two general camps:  left and right.  In this there is a rough similarity with our system.



What is interesting is the mixing and churning within those camps… and what now appears to be the moment that people from one camp move to the other.



This is the seismic change that I speak of, and it can, and will, have global consequences.



The left in France has been a hodgepodge of general leftists, libertines, anti-colonialists, Marxists, and socialists.  During the Cold War many were completely controlled by the Soviet Union.



The right-leaning parties have been nationalists, conservatives, classical liberals, libertarian and, at times, even anti-immigrant and antisemitic.  Jews in France found a natural alignment with the left.  Even when the left in France proudly supported the Palestinian cause, French liberal Jews embraced the concept as identifying with the oppressed.



Then on October 7th the veneer was pulled off.



The forces of barbarism and hatred decided to make war on the forces of western liberal civilization.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog… Iran, Turkey, and their pawns, Hamas and Hezbollah, have begun a military campaign to reestablish the Ottoman Empire.



Apologists in the West now find themselves in a bind.



How do you explain the sheer barbarism of Hamas and still have any connection to your humanity?



Easy… dehumanize the victims.



“Israel is an occupying force!”



“Really?  Where exactly in Gaza is Israel?”



“They are an occupying force because they are in Palestine in the first place… From the River to the Sea!!!”



“Yet this was a country literally created in a modern sense by the United Nations… are you against the UN?”









And there it is.



And we have seen it repeatedly here in the U.S. since October 7th.



Jewish students in Ivy League colleges have been tormented, sometimes physically, by pro-terrorist sympathizers… because they are Israeli?






Because they sympathize with Israel?






Because they are Jewish.



That is literally “it”.



In France, as in England, and in many countries throughout the western world, there has been a slew of pro-terrorist / anti-Jewish rallies.



In France there was something different.



On November 12th there was a rally in Paris (as well as other cities in France) that had upwards of 150K participants in Paris alone.  La République uni contre l’antisémitisme!



It was a political rally that was organized to combat and forcefully denounce antisemitism.  The orchestrators of the rally were… the political parties aligned on the right.



The leftist parties did not show up.  They even denounced the rally.



The people of France are now denouncing them.



Marie Le Pen, who like her father (and her son) are vehement French nationalists and very anti-immigrant, even bordering dangerously close to overt racism… were front and center at the rally.  Antisemitism has no place in her party or her France.



Jews in France are seeing the writing on the wall.



The leftists have abandoned them.  More to the point, the leftists in France have allied with groups that specifically want to murder them.



French Jews have had enough… as has the general population of France.  The leftist, Marxist, academic pseudo-intellectual may have been somewhat attractive in the past, preening over his marginal beard while he sipped coffee in the cafe society of Paris.  Now he is just seen as not only an unbearable joke… but a bigot and blowhard to boot.



We owe our country to France; the French owe their country to us.  Their embrace of democracy and culture has, and always will, contribute to the world and makes our human experience more bearable.



The French, again, have shown they are the seeds of history as antisemitism and barbarism are defeated yet again, and as the good people of the world reject all the enemy has to offer.   As the west, once again, defends civilization against unbridled evil… we can look for that seismic inflection point.



It happened in Paris on October 12th.



Trés bien, viva la France!


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Comments (4)

  • andrew dianda Reply

    Well put, on several fronts.
    I’m glad I read this.

    11/22/2023 at 08:14
  • Alyson Rutledge Reply

    I remember the attack, hearing their stories, my heart broke for them in Paris. I cannot put into words on how much the Oct 7th attack has changed me. I stand with Israel, always.

    11/22/2023 at 17:56
  • Norm Ellis Reply

    You know my feelings. This has shown the world anti-Semitism is alive and living everywhere. It is getting worse. It will be only a matter of time before it happens here sadly enough with all the rallies I have seen in the news going on. And now Jews are arming themselves being in fear of being attack. Jewish teachers and professors are being attack. It is 1939 all over again but time it is in America!

    11/25/2023 at 17:05
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    It seems like there are certain left wing Democratic politicians who are also pro-Palestinian / anti-Jew here in the states! Maybe they will be removed by their own sword!

    11/27/2023 at 12:58

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