There are times that warrant the specific mention of individuals for standing up for freedom.

This time, believe it or not…one of them is a politician.

In this blog I would like to call your attention to Melissa Melendez R- Lake Elsinore, Chuck Michel and our good friends at the California Rifle and Pistol Association.

Assembly Woman Melendez has introduced AB-757.

Assemblywoman Melendez deserves all the acolytes she has received from the gun community for stating the obvious:  A citizen suffering an existential threat must have the ability to preserve their own life.  A government… in this case a sheriff… must acknowledge that someone who articulates a desire to carry a firearm in light of this existential threat has shown sufficient “good cause”.

AB-757 would rationalize our States patchwork of pro and anti freedom jurisdictions and essentially instruct all sheriffs that if an individual is legally allowed to own a gun, and articulates that they would like to have a CCW under a “general interest in self defense” theory the sheriff must accommodate them.

Essentially, this would put into codified law the original ruling under the 9th circuit three judge panel in Peruta v. San Diego.

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Will her bill get enough votes to pass, make it through the Senate, and get a signature from the Governor?

Very doubtful.

Yet, stranger things have happened.  None-the-less, Assemblywoman Melendez has done something for gun owners we rarely see in the legislature… she has gone on offense.

Those of us that cherish freedom have watched as our guardians stood at their posts and fought back against the marshaled forces of tyranny.  Yet, the onslaught has always been too great.  We have relied on beliefs that “These laws are clearly Unconstitutional”… “Surely the courts will overturn them?”… and sadly… “well, I don’t own those types of guns… this really isn’t my fight.”

The California Rifle and Pistol Association, and the great Civil Rights Lawyer Chuck Michel have pushed to counter-attack time and time again.  Yet, for every victory in the court room, there are more restrictive laws cooked up in Sacramento.

From challenging each of the egregious gun regulations promulgated by the California State Legislature, to demanding withdrawals of onerous administrative regulations attempted by the California Dept. of Justice, Chuck Michel and the brilliant attorneys at his firm have fought the battle for freedom with their keyboards, printers and intellect.

Yet, as each of these groups and individuals stand to fight for you they cannot do so with your support both financial and emotional.  Call Assembly Member Melendez (951) 894-1232 and let her and her staff know that you support AB-757.  (While you are at it… contact your own representative and let them know you want them to give their full support to AB-757 as well.

Then go to the California Rifle and Pistol Association website and become a member. (www.crpa.org)  Then do something more…. get involved.  For you… and you alone are the defense against tyranny.

Edmund Burke articulated it perfectly:  that for evil to flourish it simply takes good men to do nothing.

Doing “nothing” as freedom is assaulted by the very institutions that are formulated to protect it is simply not an option.

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