You have chosen to attempt to victimize me.

You have made a calculated decision that you will use violence, or the threat of violence to coerce, intimidate or neutralize me so that you can receive some gratification that you could not achieve through civilized persuasion.

The fact that you have sized me up and created a calculus that ends with you prevailing is disturbing.

Either I have radiated a signal that I am capable of being victimized, or you are an incredibly incompetent decision maker.

Either way, here we are… When this is over and I have survived, I will need to take a hard look at my actions and bearing that led you to believe that I was victim material.

But that will have to wait.

Right now I have to deal with you.

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The fact that you feel that your life has more relevancy, more justification, more entitlement than mine is annoying… wrong… but just annoying.

I really couldn’t care less about how you arrived at your world view at this point.

What really pisses me off is that you have attempted to assert dominance over me.

Your actions have deeply offended me. Not the type of offense the professional victims cry out when the slightest criticism, or inelegant phrase demeans a group.

No… this is red hot, personal, pissed off, “who the hell do you think you are?” righteous indignation.

And now you and I are about to go to war.

Col. Jeffery Cooper outlined 7 fundamentals of personnel defense. They are:

– Alertness

– Decisiveness

– Aggressiveness

– Speed

– Coolness

– Ruthlessness

– Surprise

We have arrived at “Aggressiveness”.

When you decided that I would be your victim you probably assumed that I would either freeze, or try to negotiate, and ultimately to submit to your wants. (Or I would be incapacitated by your attack and unable to act.)

I will instead choose another option:

I am going to destroy you.

The rage that I now have for you is barely containable. You dare rob me of my life? Rob my family of my presence? Effect my psychological well being, or the psychological well being of my family?

Screw you pall. I’m sending you to Hell.

I will respond to your act of aggression with a counter attack that is so aggressive, so relentless, and so total your ancestors will feel the pain from the great beyond and will look down on you with total disgust that their DNA has been degraded to such an extent that you hold the banner of their clan.

If you survive this experience…. and quite frankly it is totally irrelevant to me at this point if you do… you will carry the physical and psychological scars of this encounter for the rest of your life.

You grabbed a tiger by its tail compadre…. and now you must deal with the teeth and claws.

When… if… you even realize that you are under a serious threat to your continued existence you will have one of five possible responses to the destruction that rains down upon you.

You will attempt to fight. (Good luck with that).

You may flee. (This is probably going to be your response since you are a coward at heart… but this willsave you. For once you cease to be a threat to me, I will instantly cease to be a threat to you. I use force to stop a threat. If you flee from my presence you have by definition stopped being a threat).

You may possibly freeze. (Works for me… thanks for standing still and making this easier).

You may try to posture. (This is cute. You’ve pissed me off so much do you really think that you puffing out your chest is going to make any difference to me at all?).

Or you may submit. (This might work… but you will have to be convincing beyond all doubt… and frankly I’m so angry right now I might be having a difficult time containing myself.)

In any event, most of the outcomes above end with me calling 911 and having your broken body taken away by emergency services.

I will be victorious. I will embrace my righteous indignation and use the fierce energy it yields to devastate you. Then when it is over I will embrace my family and thank the heavens and providence that I am with them for another day.



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