Tonight I am having anger management issues.

Rage.  Disgust.  Ferocity.

Sunday Morning my alarm woke me up at 6:00am.  This Sunday should have been like any other.  Today Class 42 of our new CCW holders were to meet at the range at 08:00 to qualify on their pistols.  Nothing special, or unique.

Then I looked at my phone.

Holly Crap.

My screen was full of alerts of the shooting in Florida.

At this time there were a reported twenty dead with scores injured.  That number of fatalities would climb throughout the day to fifty.  As of this writing it appears that the grim number has stabilized.

An attack of ideology took place on American soil.  We have been, and remain at war.  This is a war of centuries.  The Thirteenth century vs. the Twenty first.

One terrorist… one who has lived among us.  A son of a father that our country gave aid and comfort to, rejected humanity for a death cult.  A traitor that lived among us under guidance of a foreign gang of vipers sought to kill as many Americans as he could.

He did not kill homosexuals in as much as a killer does not kill a redhead, a blond or a child.  He did not even kill Americans… though this act took place upon our soil.

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This monster, this religious zealot.  this damnable incarnation from the dark ages, launched an attack on all of humanity itself.

Our President, our leader… the representative of the body politic stood in the ivory house and spoke to the people.

In our hour of need he spoke the words he felt our nation needed to hear:

“The shooter was filled with hate.”

“This may have been an act of terrorism.”

“This reminds us how easy it is to get a gun.”

Mr. President:

I deeply respect the office that you occupy.

Before that office though, I have sworn an allegiance to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  So please don’t take this the wrong way…. but what the @#$@ are you talking about?!?

Of course this was an act of hate!

I am sure that the killer had the same level of hate, rage, confusion, and angst against us as I harbor against his rotten soul, and the enablers over seas that help to infuse these ideological mutants with their inspiration to wreak havoc.  What does that add to our understanding of this atrocity?


So let me get this straight:  The Fort Hood Shooter was an act of “work place violence” but the killer in a gay night club, motivated by the same ideology was a potential act of terror?  Yes… of course… I see the distinction… no wait.. I don’t.  Please articulate the difference.

Finally, once again you have implicated “the gun”.

In a town hall meeting, you lamented the ease at which someone can acquire a firearm.  Well… there is a reason for that… it is a CIVIL RIGHT!  No… it is not a privilege bestowed by the government… it is a right that has been bestowed men and women by their creator.

You seem oblivious to this fact, so I guess you must be equally oblivious to other aspects of the Constitution as well.

Since you are blaming the Second Amendment, why not also blame the First?  Freedom of association also clearly played a role in target selection for this scum, so why not postulate to the American people that we could stop this carnage in the future by limiting freedom of association?  After all… if there are no gay night clubs there would be no shootings at gay night clubs right?

Oh wait… yeah… that pesky Constitution prevents us from doing that…

Mr. President, respectfully… Lets try this instead:

Let’s win this war.

The enemy has declared war not so much on America, as they have on western civilization.  We are more than a regional hegemon…. we are a global power.  We have the ability to bring the war to the enemy, and to defeat them… but we need the leadership to do that.

In 1941 we had a clear understanding of the implications of a military loss.  That loss was unacceptable.  It represented an existential threat to the United States of America.  Now there is an existential threat to western civilization.

This is not hyperbole.

From the misguided characterization of the threat, (“Isis is the JV team”) to the reluctance to acknowledge that this ideology is guided by religious zealotry (failure to call it radical Islam), to the misdirection of focusing on the tools of the attack (guns) (but not pressure cookers.. huh) rather than the perpetrators…. we have an administration that has encouraged… yesencouraged… these attacks upon our soil.

Make no mistake though, the enemy is embarked upon a futile struggle.

Ultimately they will fail.

It will happen… but it may not be us that pierces the black heart with the sword.  Their defeat may come form the hands of our competitors… the Russians… or the Chinese…. or even the Iranians.  Nation States that themselves look to supplant and ultimately dominate us.

There are two conflicts we find ourselves in:  The war between the centuries, and the great game between nation states.  We can ill afford to loose either.

Norman Schwarzkopf was asked by a reporter during the first Gulf War “how do you fight an enemy that is ideologically and religiously driven and loves the idea of death more than life?”

His response:

“Accommodate them.”


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