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Cain, Abel, and the Vote

Why did Cain kill Abel?



Seriously… what was the real motivation?  Jealousy?  That seems like a spectacularly one-dimensional excuse frankly.  I think it was hate, pure unadulterated hate.  Ironically, it was not hate directed at Abel.  (That probably was, in fact, mere jealousy).  No… I think it was hate directed at God.



Cain killed to force God to experience loss.  He wanted God to feel the same level of loss of love he felt in what he perceived as loss of the love of God.



Hell may have no fury as much as a woman scorned… but perceived unanswered love of God can apparently drive a man to kill a brother with a rock.



This story of Cain and Abel is, in my opinion, the gravamen of the unexplainable atrocities we see in the form of mass killings by deranged individuals, whether they be school shootings, mall shootings, or church shootings.  Anger lies at the heart of their madness.



It is not so much anger at God anymore.  God has been supplanted now, hasn’t He?  The State, the Network, the social structure of a school… these are, in many minds, far more tangible, recognizable signs of cosmological authority than a “man in the clouds”.



These “Cains” kill to punish their god.  Society has placed more value on “others” than themselves.  They will punish society by striking down that which they love.



This last week I was in Solano County, up near Sacramento, for our annual CCW coordinators’ conference.  This has been going on now for five years.  CCW-issuing agencies send their units to Solano (Vacaville to be specific) to attend a two-day conference where issues pertaining to… well… CCW issuance… are discussed.



About three years ago it was decided to add a third day at the beginning for a POST certified firearms law class.  It was a good way of hooking in the cops who attend and allowing them to get a POST credit for doing so.  Part of that was to have a POST certified firearms law trainer participate.  That is where I come in.  Part of that first day is a two-hour presentation that I perform; the legal topic changes from year to year.



On Tuesday the symposium starts off with a keynote speaker.  This year it was LTC Dave Grossman.  As many of you know, LTC Grossman is an intellectual hero of mine.  I have seen him speak several times and have had the honor of introducing him to audiences a few times as well.



As I sat in the back of the ballroom having a cup of coffee and listening to Grossman, he said something I had never heard him say, but it resonated…



He referenced Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.



He asked us to get away from self-actualization and empowerment (the top of the hierarchy) and focus instead on the bottom:  survival.



He said in society a compact exists for that very, very basic of needs.



Be law-abiding, pay your taxes, and society will create a law enforcement mechanism to protect your survival.  If you are, in fact, victimized, we will create a judicial system so that some measure of justice is restored to you.



That got me thinking.



A compact is a contract.  A contract has executables required by all parties to the contract.  Sometimes the contract is heavily favored to one side; these things do happen.  But regardless of the “fairness” of the contract, there are still contractual obligations that accrue to all parties.



In Grossman’s analysis, The People have a contractual obligation to follow the laws.



The State has a responsibility to protect The People from illegal victimization by others.



But what happens when one side is in breach?



What happens when the State decides that its laws are too cumbersome or problematic for it to be bound by?



What happens when those who wield influence are favored by prosecutorial discretion, and those that are disfavored are subjected to prosecutorial overreach?  (Or, in one certain presidential candidate:  unmitigated “lawfare”.)



What happens when law-abiding citizens are made status criminals by the arbitrary and capricious actions of the legislature?



What happens when prosecutorial offices are rewarded for volume rather than a solemn duty to achieve justice?



What happens when the law and, by extension, law enforcement, become a weapon of the State against The People?



Vigilatibus et non dormintibus juris serventium.  The law does not help those who sleep on their rights.  Those rights are not crumbs doled out to The People by a benevolent State.  Those rights are gifts granted by God to each and every individual who treads upon this earth.



When part of a contract is breached, we must seek a remedy.  In the case of our Union that now becomes a moral imperative.



Our Framers institutionalized revolution in our operating document:  The Constitution.  Each time we have an election we have the opportunity to purge out and restructure ourselves… to make ourselves again, a more perfect union.



We must not strike down and destroy the gift the Framers granted us.  The calls for secession, the sounds of civil war are the cries of Cain screaming at God in anger and disillusionment as he struck down Abel with that rock.



God did not wither and retire at that loss.  The universe was not set on a new unalterable trajectory.  The only loss suffered really was that of Cain’s humanity and Abel’s existence.



The Union will survive… must survive… but a revolution is indeed called for.  The State… (and when I say State, I am referring to the government as a whole… both on the provincial state and federal levels)… is due for a reckoning.  It is in breach of its contract and must be held to account for its malfeasance.  This can only be achieved overwhelmingly at the ballot box.


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Comments (8)

  • Edward Reply

    And what if that ballot box is rigged?

    03/20/2024 at 08:46
  • Jerome Schammel Reply

    And what if the mass populace has been so indoctrinated, bribed and bullied to accept the injustices of the State for the power and wealth of those in power that they will vote to continue the injustices? There will be no revolution. Only more tyranny. Putin just got reelected in a “free” election.

    03/20/2024 at 09:33
  • Adam Sheck Reply

    Ah, Maslow. Agreed. I certainly never expected to have to deal with my Survival issues at this stage of my life, and yet that is precisely why I became involved with Artemis to begin with. I have worked too hard over the decades to reach a level of success/enjoyment of life/accumulation of stuff, to allow it to be taken from me (especially my life) by those who would choose to ignore the law and do so. While hitherto (where else would I be using THAT word?), my interest in firearms was more around the engineering marvel of them as well as the mindfulness practice of target shooting, that has very much shifted as the government continues to fail at their part of our agreement: I pay taxes, you take care of the logistics of running a country including MY personal safety. Guess I had to grow up eventually. Or wake up to the failure(s) of the government. Does that make me woke?

    03/20/2024 at 09:37
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    Great read! Thought provoking.

    03/20/2024 at 12:31
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    This article and some of the responses make me want to remind us that, peace is not a right!

    03/20/2024 at 12:34
  • Richard Neblett Reply

    Sadly, both the internet and the media have become the State’s tool of choice. To protect their narrative, the State quickly points their finger at our country’s law abiding gun owners as the problem every time trouble erupts. And while they may indicate the need to find the root cause, they have no interest in leveraging this tool in fear the exercise will point to the internet as the problem.

    03/20/2024 at 16:15
  • Norm Ellis Reply

    Are you sure Cain wasn’t trying to play God and said you are no better than I. Or, could be it was out revenge saying it not only in defiance of God.

    The Union needs change and purge the D- rated actors of the government. Where has We the People have gone. The “Union” is not doing it job and looking after the people!

    03/21/2024 at 17:01
  • Jordan Rockwell Reply

    Well said. Thank you for sharing, and I’m glad we got folks like you out here in CA. Our state and our country are both worth saving.

    03/25/2024 at 08:36

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