Once in a generation a man emerges on the world stage with a vigor and a sense of righteousness that brings hope to the assembled masses.  A belief emerges that this singular individual will tame the mighty waters of impassioned invectives and lay bare the misguided desires of those who would seek to enslave others.  A transformative individual is revealed, who through the sheer will of his unblemished character inspires others in acts of selfless greatness.  


This is not the story of that man.


This is the story of David Chipman… a loser.


David Chipman is the utter definition of a mandarine, a bureaucrat who sought his rise to power in, of all places, the ATF.  He was a field agent who took the culture of the ATF to heart.  The ATF is in place to federally regulate guns and explosives because “The People” are not to be trusted to their own devices.


Countless reports show he was a managerial bully, making other ATF agents uncomfortable.  (That, in and of itself, is not problematic… the motivations behind his bullying are what we have issues with.)


He was, and is, an ideologue.  


But, more importantly, he was a self-serving liar who was more than happy to stake his career on the bodies of those who died before him.  That is not a literary metaphor… it is a stark reality.


Chipman was the lead agent at Waco during the Janet Reno siege.  


Let’s have a bit of a refresher, shall we?


The First Amendment guarantees the right of all people to worship, or not to worship, how they see fit.  In Waco, Texas there were a bunch of Mormons who broke away from the traditional church to form their own religion; they called themselves the Branch Davidians.  Their spiritual leader was David Koresh. 


He was, in their eyes, messianic and very well may have developed an uncomfortable cult-like structure.  They definitely were focused on Armageddon and seemed to like firearms as part of the religious mix.  Hey…”as long as they are not hurting anyone,” as the classic liberal mantra goes… let them be. 


The ATF was not so benign.  All agencies of the government are, by definition, insecure… insecure about the continued existence of the agency and insecure about their continual funding.  Remember…. nothing in the United States Constitution says anything about an FBI, a Federal Reserve, the IRS… or, in this instance, the ATF.


In fact, as agencies go, the ATF is, and was at the time of the Waco incident, fairly new on the scene.  


Using ham-fisted law enforcement techniques, and then lying to the American People and to Congress about the fiasco afterward, the end result was the death of 76 Branch Davidians.  


Then Chipman decided to go where the real money was:  501c3’s.


(If you have arrived here from our newsletter, continue reading here…)


Chipman took up oxygen at the Giffords Law Center, an anti-gun public interest group, raking in a salary from zealous advocates who demand the government restrict our Constitutional rights. 


Giving red meat to his base so they would, in turn, throw donations in his coffers, Chipman railed against the dreaded AR-15.  After all…”No responsible gun owner would even consider owning a weapon of war.”


This single statement epitomizes Chipman.  The modern musket, a singular firearm that is more ubiquitous in the marketplace than any other, the most effective and efficient deterrent to tyranny, was not something a “responsible” gun owner would want.  


More importantly, his remarks belied the fact that he saw the majority of gun owners as thus “irresponsible”.


It only stood to reason that President Biden would nominate Chipman to then lead the ATF.  


(In all honesty… we all really should have seen the Afghanistan fiasco coming, shouldn’t we have?)


His nomination was instantly in peril.  Two senators in particular, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (both Democrats) questioned the wisdom of putting forth this nomination.  The Biden Administration needed all Democratic Senators onboard and these two have proven, now on multiple occasions, to be a fly in the collectivist ointment.  


(Thank God for them!)


Last week the plug was finally pulled.  Chipman’s nomination is being withdrawn and the agency will continue… as it has for quite some time… to operate without a masthead.  


Of course Biden may choose to appoint another.  To do so would not be politically intelligent for him.  But, based on his current and past actions, intelligence has never been a guiding factor.  

In the meantime, Chipman can go gently into that good night… and hopefully the door does, in fact, hit him in the ass on the way out.


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Comments (12)

  • Sarge Flucke Reply

    OUTSTANDING SIR. Might be your best article yet…

    09/15/2021 at 08:00
  • Robert H. Colgrove Reply

    Here, here, Steven! Agreed!

    09/15/2021 at 08:23
  • Carmine Anania Reply

    It’s obvious the “Deep State” is alive and well especially in Washington DC. We need to have the guts to take away the country, we love, away from these so called Socialists and America’s haters. I pretty much, have lived my life. I cannot imagine the world my grandchildren will live in. God help us.

    09/15/2021 at 08:49
  • Rodger Borge Reply

    Couldn’t agree more! Chipman is a loser and I too hope the door hits in the ass on the way out. I have a long list of people currently in office I want to see gone. As you said intelligence is not part of Biden’s persona, let’s see what kind of autocrat he comes up with next.

    09/15/2021 at 10:50
  • Jerome Schammel Reply

    I remember the Waco massacre like it was yesterday. Janet Reno was the worst AG in history. She also used a swat team to capture and give that little boy Gonzalez back to Cuba.

    09/15/2021 at 11:43
  • Lee J Meza Reply

    Our nation narrowly dodged the metaphorical bullet whit this one. This numbskull being appointed as ATF director would have been catastrophic. I always appreciate your insight on the state of the world; thanks for yet another great blog post.

    09/15/2021 at 12:13
  • Louis Boffardi Reply

    Bravo, Steven – well stated. Oh, yeah…and AMEN!

    09/15/2021 at 12:32
  • Drago Reply

    Spot on article. Thank you sir. Keep these articles coming, you have the platform. What’s going on in our country now is earth shattering…and we have traitors within such as Gen Milley

    09/15/2021 at 13:44
  • Bill Farone Reply

    The logic of a Bureau for “ATF” seems muddled in the first place. Was it a descendant of the first Whisky tax in 1792? We do not have a Constitutional Amendment protecting our rights to tobacco and whisky (as in cigars and bourbon) so combining those 3 seems to mix a right with substance enjoyment. I note he did not nominate a “temperance leader” or an “anti-tobacco leader”.

    09/15/2021 at 15:21
  • Jeff Fisher Reply

    Steven, you joker, you got me with the second “paragraph!”
    Excellent article, as usual. I too remember Waco. Strange how some get away with what could be cast as mass murder (maybe a stretch, but stretching seems to be all the rage now) and others can be pilloried for infraction less speech that happens to be unpopular with those who get away with true mayhem.

    09/15/2021 at 15:43
  • Ken Gryske Reply

    You make me weep with laughter! Chipman is a dip, man. I’m still waiting for the other guy to show up…the guy you described in the beginning of this post….

    09/15/2021 at 15:50
  • John Lindsey Reply

    If the door does hit Chipman in the ass, it will first make contact with his shoulders. At least his head would be protected !!

    09/15/2021 at 16:14

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