Dealing with the Unthinkable

Dealing with the unthinkable,

You are a warrior.

You know what is necessary to prevail.

You have trained, and continue to train, preparing yourself for the potentiality that you may have to endure extreme stress in order to survive.

You don’t know if that is breaking out of a collapsed building in an earthquake… fleeing from a structure that is on fire… or dealing with someone that has decided to use illegal force upon you.

You prepare for the worst… knowing that as you become harder as a warrior, you become transcendent as a person.

Yeah…. whatever pumpkin.

What If you have a couple of kids with you, or your taking your elderly mother on a shopping trip when the crap decides to come a callin’?

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We typically train with a mindset that we are going to be a solitary victim.

This may not be the case.

One of my good friends… a Sheriff’s Deputy, once told me that he was extremely comfortable with fighting just about anyone, anytime…. but had no clue what to do if he were ever confronted by a threat when his little kids were with him.

I get it.

Part of the mindset is understanding what the prime goal needs to be… we “win” by surviving.

If survival is best suited through escape, then we escape!

The issue… and it is a legitimate issue… we want to make sure our kids are safe first.

Training with your family is as imperative as training as an individual.

When we first brought firearms into our home it was essential that we have a caliber that was effective at stopping a threat, but also one that each member of the family could comfortable shoot.

For us, at that time, it meant that all guns were chambered in 9mm. Now that our kids are older and seasoned shooters themselves, this requirement has kinda become moot.

Now it is important for each member of the family to be able to shoot each other’s guns effectively.

It is not enough for my 13 year old daughter to know that I am armed and where I carry my gun… she needs to know how to shoot it too.

More importantly then the simple act of shooting though, is the ability to follow an actionable plan, without delay.

When we are at a restaurant as a family and someone, or a group enters the establishment that I feel could present a clear and present danger, I want to immediately leave…. I need my family to come with me without debate or defiance.

They need to trust me, just as I need to trust them that sometimes you just gotta up and go.

Once we are in the parking lot we can talk about what motivated us to get the hell out.

Arguing about leaving is a recipe for disaster.

Just like at the range, everyone is responsible for safety.

If my wife feels we need to go I must trust her. The same goes for my daughter. They may see things I don’t or may have an intuitive sense that is stronger than mine.

What we have is a signal. A single word that stops all conversations and is the same thing as an alarm going off. When that word is spoken the priority is to GET OUT NOW!

We will move quickly and not draw attention to ourselves… we are just a family on the way out.

If a threat moves in to stop us we already have the advantage. Once the word was spoken and we began our escape we instantly elevated to Condition Red.

If we are stopped we now have an actionable target.Like any program we need to practice.

When you were in elementary school you did fire drills for a reason.

The same goes here.

Practice as though your families life depends on it.


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