When Emotions Control.

As gun owners we are often attacked by the Hoplophobes  (Thank you Col. Cooper for coining that phrase) as irrational monsters.

We are just one emotional set back away from suicide, and as such we need to be protected from ourselves, or worse wreaking havoc on the innocent, and need to be sequestered from society.

Those damn pieces of machinery have a unique mystical power that transforms the owner from generally stable, to uncontrollable maniac as soon as the ten day waiting period expires.  The fact that the gun owner is in control of numerous other deadly weapons daily (cars, knives, baseball bats, chainsaws etc.) is irrelevant.  As soon as something with a trigger is in their hands, their sense of rationalism is lost.

Don’t even get me started with hunters.

These people not only cherish their firearms… they actually use them against innocent defenseless creatures.

So what do we emotionally unstable, armored up, maniacs do when we are attacked, not just as a group.. but as individuals?

We write op-ed pieces.

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What is more fascinating to me is the aggressiveness of the Anti.

As a gun owner, especially as one that has a concealed weapons permit, and is always armed I am the greatest pacifist around.

As many of our CCW students have heard me say, “The Dali Lama looks to me for guidance on peaceful co-existence.”

I cannot allow myself to be controlled by my emotions because… well… I have immediate access to a gun.

But what if I didn’t?

Could I then allow myself exhibit more boorish behavior?


Apart from the lack of social appropriateness, I still have access to deadly weapons… just not ones that use gun powder as a propellant.

A few years back I was hunting in the national forest and as the morning got long I realized that I was probably not going to fill my deer tag that day.  I began the long hike back to the truck.  

As I approached the trail, wearing my camo, blaze orange vest, and toting my Winchester Model 70 a young man on a mountain bike came riding up.  

As he approached he stopped and took his ear phones out.

“Are you hunting?”

“I was, getting too hot now… how are you doing?”

“Well was doing fine, but now you’ve pissed me off! 

“Why the #$@# are you coming out here and trying to kill these innocent creatures?  Dude… you’re just a #$%#$!”

“Get the #$%# out of my way!  Isn’t it illegal to hunt in California?  I’m going to #$%# report you to the police.”

How nice.

“I can assure you sir that what I am doing is legal, and ethical.  I hope you enjoy your ride.  Oh… you may want to consider not wearing those head phones, the reason I didn’t fill my deer tag this morning is that there are a few fresh mountain lion tracks just up ahead.  You may want to be careful.”

I then just sort of walked past him and continued down the trail.

So,… let’s deconstruct this.  Here I am, alone in the woods with a firearm.  Someone stumbles on me… alone… and decides that it makes perfect sense to antagonize me…. I mean… what could possibly go wrong?

The Hoplophopes rely on emotional arguments.  Facts, logic, and frankly the entire concept of “freedom and liberty” have little value to them.  They are emotionally driven towards a goal and rely on emotional arguments to attain converts to their cause.  When potential converts question the validity of their arguments they are demonized.

The results don’t matter… it is only the intention that has value.

Perhaps we could just give them all a participation award and tell them the game is now over.

We will keep our guns, they are not obligated to buy one for themselves.

Since we are all so concerned with emotions, there will be no losers in this political battle, and we will make sure that none on our side declare victory.

We will all ride the rainbow.



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