First and Sixth

First and Sixth

Washington DC.

Following the tragic events that took place in Orlando, House and Senate Democrats have launched an all out push to once and for all pass common sense legislation.  Realizing that out of tragedy might be born the fruit of opportunity, Democratic strategists along with public safety lobbying groups rallied around Democratic leadership.

Senator Alfred P. Smackface (D. NJ) took to the Senate floor on Thursday afternoon and demanded that legislation be presented to put common sense restrictions on the First Amendment.

“We can no longer allow individuals to go around thinking that their free speech, and free association, and freedom of religion, does not effect others!  How is it that you have to fill out paperwork and pass a NICS or DROS background check every time you want to buy a firearm… and that is protected by the Second Amendment… but post something on Facebook?  Go to a gay club?  or join a mosque?  That you can do without any governmental approval?  The blood of those innocent victims in Orlando is on the hands of the ACLU!”

Representative Janice Fogerty (D. VA) was quoted as saying “The time has come for common sense speech, religion, and association restrictions.  The majority of those that go to houses of worship welcome these common sense solutions.  Only the intransigent “First Amendment lobby” gets in the way.

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Senate Democrats announced that one of their first orders of business is pass a so called “No Fly / No lawyer” bills.  This proposal would change the current interpretation of the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution.  Currently, the accused is entitled to a lawyer.  The “No Fly / No Lawyer” series of legislation would mandate that anyone that is currently on the FBI “No Fly” list must petition the government first before retaining a lawyer.

Johnson Wallace of the Freedom Group, points out that the Sixth Amendment is only implicated when an arrest has been made.  Simply putting someone on the “No Fly list” in and of itself does not warrant the need to strip them of their right to counsel.

The people of Orlando are still grieving from the nightmare that was unleashed upon them.  During a series of interviews intended for background for this story most of the interviewees showed some degree of trepidation when it came to limiting some Constitutional Rights… but not others.

“You want to limit my freedom of association?”  “Some Senator says that this would not have occurred if there had not been gay night clubs, and now he wants to make gay night clubs illegal?  What the hell is he thinking?  This had nothing to do with gay night clubs!  This had to do with hate speech on social media!  That needs to be stopped!”  Stated Frank Godfather.  While not at the Pulse Nightclub, Frank does visit local bars in in the Orlando area.

“I think we should not let people have guns, and they should also not be allowed to be Muslim.”  Frank Brownwood or Boca Raton.

“No one needs an AK-47 and no one needs and attorney.”  Read a sign held by a protester that stated only that her first name was Olga.

Rep. Fogerty insists that this is not an infringement on civil liberties.  “Look I’m a firm believer in the Bill of Rights.  But I also know that these rights were drafted over two hundred years ago, and people were all significantly shorter then.  I’ve seen the doorways in colonial houses.  We don’t want to get rid of the First Amendment or the Sixth Amendment.  We are strong supporters of both of these Constitution protections.  We just want them to be interpreted with the same common sense approach that a majority of Americans right now want.”

During a press conference Rep. Fogerty was pressed by a protester.

“Rep. Fogerty.  The Constitution guarantees us the fundamental rights.  If they are pushed aside for the needs of the government does that not make the government stronger than the individuals who give power to that government?  Does it not negate the argument that the Constitution recognizes pre-existing rights?  That the government grants nothing… it merely serves to protect what already exists with the people?”

Rep. Fogerty’s response:



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