I like Old Fashioneds. I like whisky and bourbon. I enjoy congenial conversations with night nurses who are troubled with what they encounter on their way to their cars after work. Pathogens don’t particularly bother me, and I do like guns. Yes, I really like them. I like the inherent symmetry they have and the comfort they provide. I also am thoroughly enthralled that there are those who would seek to do others harm and are troubled by their victims having access to arms.


The French have a saying. Actually, they have quite a few sayings, some that should only be uttered in the salons of Paris among conspirators wearing green cover shirts and berets, but that is an entirely different blog. Liberté, Égalitié, Fraternité (this famous saying actually ends with “ou la mort”… kind of a poetic, if not somewhat dogmatic, end to the phrase)… I want to talk about the last one… fraternité for a bit.


The idea, I suppose, that our sympathetic revolutionaries were thinking about when they stormed the Bastille and ushered in the Reign of Terror, was something akin to the pleadings of the great twentieth century philosopher Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”


True the word fraternité does have a distinctly masculine connotation, no? Raucous college boys drinking and doing unspeakable things in darkened basements with spatulas and loud music, while coeds experiment with dubious pharmaceuticals in upstairs bathrooms. But perhaps this is just me; I did go to a Jesuit college after all.


Most would agree our language has a certain elasticity to it, or it least it should. Words that once were relegated to a masculine endeavor need not be changed to reflect the reality that women are equally capable of participation. Perhaps the greatest demarcation of our progressive improvement is not the elimination of a word to establish a vague concept of inclusiveness, maybe the very use of the original word is the rebellion in and of itself.


For example, I think we can all agree the now semi-ubiquitous “x” at the end of a pronoun or a haphazardly established “y” may in the end be a giant step backwards (see “Latinx” and “womyn”). Yes, crush the patriarchy with random consonants and vowels, mon chéri!


In any event, back to that whole fraternité thing. I suppose it is reasonable to assume the word was intended to evoke a certain feeling of comradeship, or at the very least a core understanding not to be a jerk.


This finally brings us to Governor Haircut.


As I was driving the other day, I heard on the radio a brief, somewhat amusing, discussion between some panelists about a series of “commercials” The Haircut made, in Florida of all places.


In the commercials The Haircut is seen shilling for California. Essentially, it is a recruitment video letting all of the shackled prisoners of Floridian authoritarianism know that to the west lies a shining city on a hill, a bastion of freedom where individual liberty is held tight to the bosom by every citizen.


Good God!


This type of adventurism by a governor is not without precedent and, frankly, there is some merit to the practice. A governor of the State is sort of an elected cheerleader and spokesperson, someone who can reach abroad and proselytize the merits of their state to others, recruit business, valued citizens, and industry, seek out the best from underperforming jurisdictions and encourage them to move to their state where greater opportunity exists.


Sometimes the data speaks for itself.


There is not a particularly large number of ads placed in California newspapers by the governors of Texas and Florida encouraging Californians to head east. The brain drain… the producer drain… is well-documented and continues unabated.


Thus, it was a bit of an oddity that The Haircut would go to a state largely populated now by expat Californians to encourage people to… well… move to California.


One of the statements he made was that we “embrace freedom in California”.


Are you fu@#$g kidding me?!?!


While the statement was met with general derision and laughter pretty much across the entire media market where The Haircut vomited his missive, it had an entirely different effect on me listening to it on the radio.


It pissed me off.


It also got me thinking. Perhaps it is time that someone like Governor DeSantis or Governor Abbot, or Governor Noem (or perhaps a joint PSA by all three?) come to California and film a commercial for us. Like The Haircut standing by a palm tree outside of Miami, they could film a little ditty off of Newport Beach Pier. In the ad they can beg us Californians NOT to move. They can tell us that the swell of people fleeing across the California border is becoming untenable, that they understand their low tax rates, their limited government, their higher standard of living is obviously attractive to disaffected Californians, but please… fraternité people!!!


Besides, like the faculty at Harvard University and Bernie Sanders, it is good to keep decrepit socialist authoritarians in place as sort of a museum to mediocrity, a stark reminder that lest we fail to be ever vigilant, we could wind up like them, or California.


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Comments (7)

  • Brian Reply

    Didn’t California prohibit the spending of taxpayer dollars in the state of Florida?

    07/27/2022 at 08:14
    • Chris Reply

      The same rules apply, Brian, there as it does for free speech. It’s okay for the purveyors of their dribble to do but not for us low-life conservatives.

      07/27/2022 at 09:02
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    Eventually, we are going to have to hide the fact that we are traveling to other states, for fear of persecution.

    07/27/2022 at 10:05
  • Ed Reply

    Once again Mon Ami, A good article. When I first learned of these ads, like you, I was infuriated by the nonsense he was telling people. (Don’t know what planet he lives on but you and I know there is not that kind of freedom here unless you are Antifa, BLM, etc.)
    After I calmed down, I realized that he was doing this to get air time outside of California because he has Presidential aspirations.
    As absurd as I think his rhetoric was, in a sense it was kind of genius of his staff to put that together. Not sure how well that will work out for him but it is a way to start to get exposure out of Cali. Dieu nous aide!

    07/27/2022 at 15:40
    • Mark Reply

      Newscum’s constituency laps it up, they live in social bubbles driven by delusional ideologies. Few have read and even fewer have understood the Constitution. I used to live among these people, there are tens of millions of them in CA alone. All he has to do is keep them hypnotized with feel good platitudes and with a 2 to 1 numerical advantage in CA he will be in power forever. They are already putting together a team for a bid to the White House.

      07/30/2022 at 14:31
  • Robert Hagler Reply

    I really like your thinking, and I feel the collective is starting to think exactly like this. We see the writing on the wall. We see the power grabs. We see the complacency, we see trends that are headed in the wrong direction, i.e. open borders?, defund police?, brain wash kids at school, and in general, a cancerous system developing? We see where many (all?) political roads are leading; To the destruction of this once great nation. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great nation of potential, but I (we) feel the decline, and it is as real as a nightmare! HELP! I don’t know where to turn except my fellow voters, my fellow like minded citizens. I’ve been seeing this trend for decades and it is perplexing. We’ve become a rudderless ship, without principled – political leadership!
    We know that the governor is putting the light on himself, with the recent calls for Biden “not to run” for office again. And at the same moment the governor is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the opposite party stars. We see this. But, as the plans of the party move forward, we have what may be our ace in the hole: An awakened electorate that has been watching, seeing, and contemplating. As events and actions unfold on our national stage, and world stage for that matter, we are all taking this into our internal database of disasters. It may be more deep-seated than ever before in our recent history, at least in the status quo consciousness. The intelligent citizens have at least two viewpoints to choose from, and the truth is in that mix. I still have faith in the American people to make the right decisions, if given the information. I hope we all join together and not let each other down. With SOCIAL MEDIA, at least there is a way to get other points of view, other news that might not otherwise make it into our houses, and into our minds. We have a chance to course correct, and you are fighting the good fight. You are the tip of the spear. This platform, and others like it are making the difference! We the people are getting our voices back, and we have something very worth fighting for: America! Thank you Steven!

    07/28/2022 at 08:21
  • Kenny Stuart Reply

    Very well done, sir. And, BTW, “a museum to mediocrity”? Perfect!

    07/28/2022 at 10:54

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