Updates for our Investors

Updates for Artemis Investor

November 8, 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been busy restructuring the company to insure that we are set up in the most efficient manner to grow with investors (and ultimately offer an IPO or M&A so that we can all makes some money).  To say that I have learned a great deal is an understatement.  

In May, we placed the Immersive unit on the floor and have successfully tested and received very positive feedback from all customers.  We have students returning month after month to continue working on their their skillsets.

On November 1, I finally completed the Private Placement Memorandum and am waiting on the State to open up a new bank account for the raise.  I will continue to raise capital to keep moving the company forward, while Steven begins the recruiting campaign to bring in potential partners to prove the distribution model for the technology.

If you have not already been in and tried the system for yourself: REGISTER HERE.

To see the customer facing video, please click CUSTOMER VIDEO HERE

To see the investor facing video, please click INVESTOR VIDEO HERE

The Pitch Deck and PPM will be uploaded shortly.