Israel and Saudi Arabia Must Save the World…Together

My heart lies heavy.



As most of you know, I am Jewish.  I am not entirely sure what that means, frankly.  Carolyn, my older daughter, says we are Jew “ish”… I heard the term “flexidox” recently.  I am not sure if it is a religion, a culture or, perhaps, a blending of the two.  I don’t speak Yiddish or Hebrew.  I am horrible on remembering the Jewish holidays.  Other than occasionally going over to our friends, David and Elena Flyer’s home, for Shabbat dinner once in a while, there is little that would outwardly distinguish me as Jewish.



But I do identify as a Jew.



I have never been to Israel… but I understand its importance, not just geopolitically, but as a fundamental sanctuary for Jews globally… and, of course, the Biblical significance.



I also understand war.



And I understand barbarians.



When choosing sides in a conflict, a threshold analysis must first be completed.  Is one side civilized, and is the other barbarian?  If the answer is yes… then rooting for the barbarian threatens the very fabric of civilization.



Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime are barbarians.  Those who support them, give them comfort and guidance… are barbarians.  They do not deserve such benefits…they should be, and will be, ultimately exterminated.



Sadly… we have blood on our own hands as well.



The Obama Administration began the process of political realignment.  Israel has always been our stalwart ally in the Middle East.  But Israel does not have within its destiny the prospect of becoming a regional hegemon and, therefore, a controlling source for the various Arab states that produce oil.



The Mandarines in the Obama Administration came up with what they thought was a brilliant idea:  cozy up to Iran.



Abandon Israel and start developing sticky relationships with Iran.  This would, in turn, create competition between Iran and Saudi Arabia and ultimately bring the Saudis under the Iranian sphere.  Iran… in their mind would be the great regional power in the Middle East, and they would owe the U.S. for their status.



They came up with this idea because, at a very fundamental level, these people are absolute morons.



So… the pivoting began.



Then Donald Trump became president and messed up the whole program (thank God).



When Biden became President, he brought in the original Obama team (or the Obama team was forced on him, depending on your perspective)… Regardless… cozying up to Iran was back on the table.



Spies from the Iranian government were welcomed into our Department of Defense…because, why not?  What could possibly go wrong?  Intel we provide Israel was shown to these Iranian assets… who, in turn, duly reported it to their masters in Tehran, who, in turn, advised Hamas and Hezbollah.



Now Tehran was getting antsy… and annoyed.



They do like the idea of developing into the regional hegemon that Obama dreamed they would be… but the Abraham Accords developed by the Trump Administration was going to potentially derail that agenda.



Part of the Accords was the beginning of a normalization process between Israel and Saudi Arabia, right down to military coordination between the two powers.  Iran does not want this, not one bit.  So… Iran began the process of providing weapons and training to the subhumans in Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon.



The Gaza Strip has less of a GDP than Baker, California.  The place is a cesspool that relies purely on foreign largess… largess specifically from Iran.   Last weekend Hamas launched an attack of almost 5,000 rockets into Israel.  Rockets cost money… a lot of money.  That money and those rockets (and the training to fire and aim them) came from Iran.



There is also the question of how the Israelis were caught so unaware.  There is real speculation that part of that is a result of a cyberattack that originated in Tehran, with intel that came from the United States.



Israel must now act.  She must act with a swift and brutal determination that creates a generational chasm that alters the very DNA of her enemies.  Those enemies are, of course, the porto-humans who identify as Hamas and Hezbollah… but the bigger threat is Iran itself.



Prime Minister Netanyahu is well aware of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, and is also well aware that a nuclear Iran is not just an existential threat to Israel, but to other countries in the Levant as well.  (Yes, Saudi Arabia… I am talking to you.)



Tehran’s idiotic bellicosity has come to its ultimate mad conclusion.  This is now the time for Israel to decimate the Iranian regime and let the dignified and victimized citizens of Iran the opportunity to overthrow their tyrants.



To the House of Saud:  You are proud Arabs.  Your enemies in Tehran are not.  They make a monstrosity of your religion; they are apostates.  They seek your destruction just as they seek the destruction of Israel.  Yet, their animosity towards Israel is not out of a great love for the Palestinians… Like most of the Levant, these are marginalized people who have proven time and time again to be ungovernable.  They seek to destroy Israel because she is a convenient enemy and a daily reminder in her economic status that they, themselves, are a failed state.



They hate you just as much… but in your case it is because of your status.  Because you are a beacon to Muslims, because you are the regional hegemon… a position they so desperately crave.



Now is the time for you not just to provide Israel with intelligence as she defends herself against the barbarians.  Now is the time for you to join with Israel and form an alliance that will last a thousand years and lead both of your nations to glory.



The blasphemers, the apostates, the imposters in Tehran must be eradicated in the name of peace, in the name of justice, and in the name of civilization.


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Comments (8)

  • Gary F. Reply

    I have to agree with your assessment that they are morons because the alternative is terrifying.

    10/11/2023 at 08:42
  • Michae Mullin Reply

    Agree with you on this issue.

    10/11/2023 at 09:13
  • Ted Lewis Reply

    Steven, I think all good men and women are Israelis now.

    God Bless you and your family. And the United States of America.


    Ted Lewis

    10/11/2023 at 09:16

    Excellent analysis Steven. This preoccupation with Iran and its oil goes back to the fifties coup d’etat supported by US and UK oil companies and the crowning of Shah Pahlavi. We have shown time and again our misunderstanding of the intricate relationships between the tribes and nations of the Middle East. We understand Israel and their circumstances. We are similar on many levels. It is time to support those that support us and do away with those that are politically and morally foreign.

    10/11/2023 at 10:11
  • Allen Wortman Reply

    Right on!

    10/11/2023 at 21:14
  • Mitch Reply

    Prayers for a galvanized Israel and United States

    10/12/2023 at 13:16
  • Norm Ellis Reply

    Turn Gaza into a radiating green parking lot, nuke Tehran & the hell with the sand…. This coming from a Jew who lived there. There are no quarterback arm chairs here for this mess that has been going on since Hellenistic time.

    10/15/2023 at 11:24
  • Benton Ketel Reply

    Well I was only a few hundred miles away in Cairo when Hamas rained down missiles and stormed into Israel killing innocent people and taking hostages. No matter the political noise from various sources as to the reasons for this insanity. One thing that everyone should be able to take away as to who is at fault. Never is the party killing and kidnapping hostages as the group initiating such an unprovoked action the one that is in the right.

    10/25/2023 at 16:00

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