Je Suis Francaise

Je Suis Francaise


I am angry.

Disgusted really.

I have been watching the news in France as I am sure all of you have been.  The fact that two of the victims of the terrorist attack were from Southern California makes it all that much more infuriating.

I am disgusted by apologists… I am disgusted, by tribal politics… I am disgusted by the apes that would claim allegiance to a cause that demands the death of innocents as justifications for its existence.

I am disgusted that the front runner for the nomination of one of the two political parties destined to control the White House, refuses to call the beast by it’s name: Radical Islam.

Samuel Huntington penned the Clash of Civilizations as a non-economic roadmap to understanding geo political conflict a number of years ago.… it turns out he was spot on.

The fifteenth century has declared war on the twenty first… and the twenty first has no comprehension on how to fight it.

I am disgusted that The Moms Against Gun Violence had the temerity to issue a tweet blaming the attacks in France not on radical islam… not even on some vague concept of terrorism….rather they blamed them on… guns.


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France is what they want!  A utopia, where the average citizen has been disarmed… and voila… has become a nation of targets.

Sunday night a couple of our instructors were analyzing security cam footage taken from one of the hot scenes in Paris.

Four Special Weapons Unit personnel approached a blind corner on a street that had been evacuated.  One had a ballistic shield, one had a shot gun, and two others had rifles.  As they approached the hard corner shots rang out.  One brave officer… the one with the shotgun posted up against the wall as the three others went scurrying back towards their command post.

The shotgunner would attempt of pie out and return fire, but he was left completely alone… and outgunned… by his colleges.  Eventually, one of the other officers timidly returned to his post, but again when the sound of gun fire erupted he ran back to his safe area.


One of my good friends Ben spent fifteen years as a member Britons SAS (Their Special Forces)… he told me something interesting as it relates to Europe in general:

He was and is, very proud of his SAS brothers, but he acknowledges that their time behind a rifle pales in comparison to the average American soldier.  Not because of the wars we have fought…but because most of the American SF solders he has met started shooting as kids.  In Briton that is impossible.

Most of the soldiers coming out of training for the SAS have had at most one year of weapons experience.

This goes for France as well.

Unfortunately the enemy does not have the same naïveté towards weapons as their victims, or what the Mad Moms would hope they would.

They don’t see their weapons as defensive tools… they see them as tools of aggression.

There are wolfs at the door “Mom’s”… they are not interested in stealing from you… they are not interested in assaulting you… they want to kill you.

You can’t negotiate a settlement with someone who fundamentally wants to remove you from the planet.

You can only destroy them.

In a war there are two types of armed response: Counter Force, and Counter Value.  Counter Force are military targets, and the industrial complex that supports it.  Counter Value are a nice way of saying the enemy’s people.

Radical Islam makes no such distinction… we are the enemy, because we exist, as such we are all “legitimate” targets of their aggression.

Enough… they must become targets of ours… and we must once and for all remove this pathogen from our planet.


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