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As many of you know, I really don’t offer product endorsements on this blog. I would like to say that it is a result of a deep-seated philosophical principle to remain stoically neutral to the items available to us; the reality is that no one ever asks for my opinion.


So… while this is a “product endorsement”, it absolutely is not done at the request of the manufacturer. (Frankly, even if they knew who I was, I doubt they would look to throw money at me to hawk their product.)


No… this is not being done for them, but for you. Well… I guess it would ultimately benefit them too if you buy the thing… so it is being done for you, for us… and since you are still reading this, for me.


A number of months ago I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I was about to click on a story about some marine biologists attempting to weaponize dolphins, when my thumb slipped on my iPhone and the screen scrolled to the next story on my page. It was a link to a video Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs) had posted. Jeremy’s Razor had just released its promo video for its new razor blade club and had created a masterpiece of marketing. You can view the original video at the top of their website here:


It was magnificent.


Yet, after watching it, I had no intention of using one. Oh, make no mistake, I would buy one… but not use it.


I am a creature of habit. If I find something I like, it takes heaven and earth to get me to change. Even if a product or service is empirically superior, I still have a difficult time adopting it into my lifestyle (more on this later).


Yet, I am a strong supporter of the arts, especially the arts that stick its thumb into the dominant paradigm, and Jeremy’s Razor shoved its whole fist into that eye socket with that video.


So I signed up, and promptly forgot about it.


Last week the razor showed up, along with a dopp bag, some shaving cream, and skin lotion…(nice touch boys).


Now let me explain why I am so hesitant to change products usually. Each purchase, even each decision to purchase, is, in a sense, a crisis of conscience.


“Is this really me?”


“Am I the kind of guy who really owns something like this?”


“Am I fooling myself into believing I am something that I’m really not by buying this item?” Since I bought the razor without really intending to use it, many of these existential questions really didn’t come up.


As many of you know I am a Classical Liberal. I am a strong proponent of individual liberty, and I would never presuppose to know or understand the motivations or inclinations of others when it comes to “happiness”, or their version of “freedom”. If people want to have polyamorous relationships, who am I to judge? That lifestyle may not be conducive to my happiness, but it might work for them. What I do know is that I will never tolerate the government mandating or prohibiting a certain way of living or thinking. That is contrary to my world view… or, for that matter, the tenants of the Declaration of Independence. Our government is formulated to protect life, liberty, and, in some folk’s cases, the happiness of pursuit.


Many people, from both sides of the political aisle, have sponsored boycotts and punitive buying habits. To me this has always smacked of negative virtue signaling. Generally I don’t particularly care about the politics of a particular company. I want their product and that is the end of the equation. I say generally because, in a sense, I am probably somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to this. I really don’t think I would feel comfortable about buying detergent from a company sponsored by the Aryan Brotherhood, or anything that is produced from a company owned by Al Franken… but outside of that, politics for me ends when the box is opened.


No… I prefer positive competition. If Disney is turning away their customers by fostering a counter culture worldview, they are, in fact, creating a market for their original product. Open up a company to service that market! If a company decides to abandon market share, then the free market should respond by servicing that underserved market.


Hence, Jermey’s Razor and the raison d’être for it.


Harry’s Razor had decided to end their relationship with the Daily Wire because of their conservative views. The Daily Wire’s response: Compete and beat the shit out of them in their own market.


This is exactly what I am talking about, baby!!!


So, when the razor arrived at home I was not really inclined to use it. Then I looked at the magnificence that was, is, the Jeremy Razor.


It is a work of art: sublime and understated, curved yet with a strong sense of masculinity, and uniquely weighted to provide a balance that rivals that of the finest samurai sword.


What the hell, I thought… I’ll give it a whirl.


I was amazed.


This razor is spectacular. When the perfectly tuned blades touched my gloriously bald head I could hear the angels in heaven pause and exclaim, “What an amazing razor he now has!”


The cut was smooth and measured. It danced across my scalp with a precision and understated intensity that has rarely been recorded in the annals of western history. This was not just a razor… it was a deeply inspiring religious experience.


The Harry’s Razor has been abandoned, discarded to the ash bin of history (actually, the trash can next to my sink), and the Jeremy’s Razor now rests in its place of honor next to my soap.


Yeah… it’s pretty cool… I do suggest you buy one. The fact the authoritarians will lose their minds reading this blog makes the whole thing that much better!


To the shave, my brothers, colleagues, and countrymen!


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  • Bret Parker Reply

    Count me in. Ive had Harry’s for a long time. But im happy to support the anti-woke products. Speaking of products that work. I have no idea of their politics, but dish towels from “Geometry” will change your life. Change it because we’ve tried many dish towels but never found one better.
    Just buy one and try it. Pick the kitchen towel that speaks to you. I know, I know, I sound obsessed. I also dont own any stock in the dish towel company but im grateful when I finally find a product that works. Spend $17 and change your life. How do i know a good kitchen towel. She does all the cooking and I do all the cleaning. I know.

    08/31/2022 at 09:17
    • Andrea Reply

      I agree on the geometry dish towels! 😀

      09/01/2022 at 08:43
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    That’s a great commercial!!!

    08/31/2022 at 09:46
  • Len Wittrock Reply

    That’s a great article. I made the switch when watching Ben months ago for the very reason you pointed out.

    08/31/2022 at 10:17
  • Everest Liu Reply

    i think their other website url is haha

    09/30/2022 at 09:07

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