Let’s Play Cowboys & Refugees

The Rubes on Both Ends


This last week we were treated to some images of cowboys doing cowboy stuff. (I am calling them cowboys because in the pictures I saw they all appear to be men. There is a strong preponderance of evidence that based on their choice of accouterment they self-identified as men. If I have offended anyone with the use of the word “men” or “boys”, I am sorry. I guess I should have called them “cowpeople”. Then again, that may be mistaken for a derogatory comment on their facial characteristics. I guess that is out. I had considered saying “unknown binary” or “non-binary humans on horseback”. Sigh… this is problematic too. Calling them non-binary suggests that there are, in fact, two genders and the individual falls outside the spectrum of two genders, thus making the argument that only two genders exist when trying to foist the idea that there are multiple genders.)


Sac re blu!


Okay, cowboys were on horseback wrangling humans.


See… there was this assassination of the Haitian president a few weeks ago that remains…well, weird. That notwithstanding, the objective of the mission was achieved. He was, in fact, assassinated and the people of Haiti, well… they reasonably feared for what comes next. To that end, they decided (or were assisted… more on that later) to go on a bit of a walkabout.


They took what they had and began a great migration to the closest land mass that was not Haiti. Political refugees seeking asylum, they chose to head due east to the Dominican Republic.


Wait… scratch that.


They chose to acquire ships and head towards the closest land mass that was not the island of Hispaniola. They fled to Cuba!


No… wait that’s wrong.


They bypassed Cuba and continued on the dangerous sea journey to the mainland of North America and made landfall in Mexico! YAY! Free at last!!!!


Mexico, along with assistance from the United Nations, set up a refugee camp just outside of Tampico, Mexico and provided these poor destitute refugees with the necessary food, shelter, and medical care that the civilized world deems as basic human rights.


Ugh… wrong again.


The Mexican government either ignored them completely or were instrumental in assisting them on an on-foot migration from the east coast of Mexico to the border of Texas.


(If you have arrived here from our newsletter, continue reading here…)


At the U.S. border, the Haitian refugees began to colonize the area just below the International Bridge over the dried out Rio Grande. Initially 4,000 refugees huddled in the shade under the bridge. This swelled to 10,000, with an additional 8,000 en route. As you can imagine, the conditions in this cauldron are squalid at best. There is no food, water, basic necessities, or anything that is even remotely close to what is required to maintain human dignity.


The Mexican government and the Mexican military are utterly absent.


The U.N. does have a plan though: Blame the U.S. for not letting them in.


We have that whole pesky thing, though, called the U.S. Federal Code. They can’t just “come in”.


So… in the meantime, we have to sort of… you know…”keep them out”.


The individuals responsible for executing “Operation Bidenville” are the Border Patrol. In that neck of the woods, the most efficient form of transportation is horses. Hence, the imagery of the “cow/human/people thingies in Border Patrol uniforms wearing cowboy hats (damn…there’s that word again) and wrangling Haitians who were leaving the collective and attempting to cross the international border.


One of the more amusing anecdotes of this story involves a picture of one particular wrangler in an action pose holding the reins of his horse in his left hand as a Haitian looks on seeking to avoid capture. The distal ends of the reigns wave in the air to the right of the horse. To some people (talking heads), who have clearly never been anywhere outside of the paved mausoleum called modern cities, the reins remind them of a whip.


OMFG!!! The Border Patrol Monster is using a whip on the poor Haitian immigrant!!!!


Ummmm… no pumpkin. That is not what is happening.


Still, the absurdity did motivate the absurd. Vice President Kamala Harris (the official who has been charged with overseeing our border crisis, and has been virtually silent about it for months and, in fact, has even refused to call it a “crisis”) got her mojo!


She was going to get to the bottom of this! Post haste!


This is extreme evidence of brutality, inhumanity, disgusting, abusive behavior! She would investigate and put an end to it immediately… and hold these monsters accountable!


We are talking about the non-existent whipping… not the utter failure of the U.N. or Mexico.


Good God… if someone pitched this to me as a script I would kick them out of my office and demand they come up with something that at least had a tangential connection to reality. Yet… here we are!


Build Back Better! Whoo hoo!

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  • Dave Belovsky Reply

    Enjoy the read Steve, I will be seeing you soon for a private lesson

    09/29/2021 at 10:36
  • Mike Graves Reply

    Very well said, sir!

    09/29/2021 at 10:53
  • Evelyn Ortega Reply

    Great post, article blog whatever you want to call it! Well said and loved the laughter you provided while reading this!

    09/29/2021 at 11:02
  • Rob Colgrove Reply

    Spot on Steven! The ultimate in absurdity in action!

    Boy do I fear where this country is headed.

    09/29/2021 at 11:50
  • Olaf Kilthau Reply

    Great article. I have wondered the same things and you added the sarcasm to it which made it funny for me.

    09/29/2021 at 12:55
  • Sooz Reply

    You’re awesome! That pretty much sums it up. What an embarrassment!!

    09/29/2021 at 13:56

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