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Membership Terms & Conditions

*Please be aware: refusing to sign the terms and conditions DOES NOT negate a membership plan, this is just a supporting document.

What is a membership?
  • An individual membership is for one person only. A group membership is available when the main member wishes to add an individual to their membership. For group memberships, all payments must be made from one account by the main individual.
  • No long-term contracts or minimum membership required; however, we ask for at least 30-day cancellation notice in writing. Please send your cancellation emails to

What is included in your membership?

Vacation Holds

Cancellations & No-Shows
  • You may cancel your membership at any time by submitting a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to your last intended session.
  • To cancel a session, please give notice 24 hours in advance to avoid a $10 charge to your account by calling our office at 949-305-6586. No online cancellations will be allowed within 24 hours.
  • If you “no show”, you will be charged the full price of the class, or have a session deducted from your plan.

Sessions - Private & Group Sessions
  • 60-minute sessions are transferrable between members within the same Group membership program or between spouses on the same plan if the plan includes them.
  • All sessions, regardless of being private or group, do not roll over to the next month if they are not used. Use it, or lose it.
  • Members may bring a guest to a 60-minute session (maximum of 2 students). They will be required to fill out a waiver before training if they have not trained with us before.
  • Members who have received Free 30-Minute Voucher Cards: These voucher cards are for referrals only and cannot be used by a current member in addition to their two monthly 30-minute sessions if included in their membership. You may use one of your 30-minute sessions with a guest using the free voucher card. If you want to schedule a session with a guest using one of these vouchers, please notify the office at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class.
  • Sessions cannot be scheduled to overlap. If you are enrolled in a group class, you cannot schedule a private session during the same enrollment time.
  • All trainees have to gain clearance from one of the instructors before they can advance to 4M. Please read Clearance Levels below for more information.
  • Guests may not participate in 4M or Skills & Drills (FKA Transition) classes without prior approval from an Artemis Instructor, but they are welcome to observe.

Clearance Levels
  • All new trainees to Artemis must start with Pistol 1, 2, and 3. These are the basic fundamentals of firearms training. If you have prior firearms experience, you may schedule a private session if you would like to try to bypass the Pistol classes. This does not guarantee that you will get to skip the series, but allow the instructor to gauge your skills and recommend suitable placement based on evaluation.
  • Skills & Drills Clearance: This class can be scheduled after the completion of Pistol 3. This course is a shorter, hour-long repetition class. It is set up to help clients have more time practicing certain skills through a process of constant repetition. This is meant to be “transitional” from the Pistol Series to 4M. Once the client is confident in their ability with Transitions, they can seek 4M Clearance from their instructor.
  • 4M Clearance: This is required to enter into our most advanced group training class. From here you will be utilizing all the skills you learned in Pistol classes as well as Transitions. And this is also the place where you can gain 2A clearance.
  • 2A Clearance is our member's only live shoot opportunities every other Sunday at Prado Olympic Shooting Park. In order to be invited to the range, you must demonstrate that you can properly and safely handle your firearm while in 4M class or through Private Training. Please note: CCW members are excluded from Club 2A and Club 2A Tactics live shoots.

Payment Method
  • All memberships require an active credit card on file.
  • Cash can only be used to Pre-pay for a plan that has a set end date and must be paid in full at the time it is set up (a card will still be to be on file). We will not charge your credit card unless you fail to make payment and fail to contact us to make other arrangements.
  • For those that wish to pay with cash, you will be required to pay the first & last months of membership upfront. After the first month, your membership can be paid in cash or by card. If payments are not made for the next month we will assume that you want your membership canceled and the last month's payment will be used and your membership will be terminated once the month is over.
  • All dues are required to be paid on the designated cycle date as determined by the client, or membership may be canceled.
  • If a payment fails multiple times and the client fails to contact Artemis or respond to any attempt made by Artemis to contact the client, the membership will be canceled and any grandfathered rates will revert to the new membership rate upon reactivation.
  • Membership Dues will not be credited back for failure on the client to schedule training sessions while on an active membership. If you are charged for the month, have not notified Staff of a 'hold' or 'cancellation' request and you do not come in for training, credit cannot be issued for lack of use.

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