Mr. P


Mr. P

Samuel Ward, writing for Liberals Unite (yeah… that is a real website: you can see it here:

stated that CCW holders do not prevent crime… he states “Most CCW holders won’t even be able to unholster their gun.”

This reminds me of our old friend “Bagdad Bob”.  Saddam’s mouth piece who famously stated that there were no American Tanks in Bagdad as the video feed showed American Armor rolling behind him.

Mr. Ward… I would like to introduce you to one of our clients,… for the sake of anonymity we will call him “Mr. P.”

Because Mr. P has a CCW and the presence of mind to draw his gun in the presence of evil, a fifteen year old boy from Downey California is alive today.

Yes. Mr. Ward….a CCW holder defeated a bad guy and saved a young man’s life Saturday night.

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Mr. P and his family own a few burger type restaurants in Southern California.  Mr. P, lives in Orange County…. a happy accident.  You see in Orange County the chances of getting a CCW are far higher than LA County, where his business is.

On halloween, Mr. P was at his restaurant and had stepped outside to talk to one of his customers, a gentleman who happens to be a member of the Downey city council.  The two were standing in the parking lot when three young men, literally running for their lives ran down the sidewalk between the busy street and his restaurant.

The conversation between them stopped as they watched the trio in a panicked state run past them, just a few feet away.

Instantly they saw what was scaring them, three adult males, one armed with what turned out to be a sledgehammer handle, were chasing them and screaming insults.  Their… ahem.. attire, suggested that these pillars of society were affiliated with a local gang.

One of the kids they were chasing tripped on the curb and careened into the gutter.

To the thug with the sledgehammer handle, this represented a golden opportunity to work on his rudimentary golf swing on the kids head.

After a couple of initial blows Mr. P calmly unholstered his firearm.. (Sorry Mr. Ward, but after reviewing the surveillance video, Mr. P did not seem to have too much difficulty in drawing his gun.).. he then stepped between the carnage and the Councilman and drew down on the thug.

He ordered the goblin to stop, which he did… taking a step toward Mr. P.   (There was distance between Mr. P and the thug… with his thumb resting on the safety of his Springfield 1911, he had formed an imaginary line in the sand between himself and the criminal.  The punk had stopped his assault on the kid, so shooting him would have been unjustified… if he took another step towards Mr. P, he had already decided that his life would be in jeopardy, and now he would have to use deadly force to stop what would have been an imminent attack.

Fortunately, the bonehead looked into the barrel of Mr. P’s gun and decided that discretion would be the better part of valor, and decided to flee the scene.

Mr. P ordered the Councilman to call 911 and within a few minutes a Deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept. was on the scene, to take statements and make sure that the youth, who had been seriously injured by the couple of blows to the head he had suffered, received medical attention.

No… the Sheriffs Deputy did not handcuff Mr. P and throw him into a squad car.

He did not chastise Mr. P for “getting involved”.

He did not demand to see Mr. P’s firearm and take it into evidence, never to be scene again….

That is the stuff of urban legends.

Mr. P offered the deputy his CCW permit, and told him that he had his firearm on him, in his holster, and the Deputy was quite content with that.

He told Mr. P that he probably saved that boy’s life, and gave him a copy of the police report so that he could follow the OC Sheriffs policy and report this incident to the CCW licensing unit.

The father of the boy thanked Mr. P and told him about his son.  His boy is a freshman at Downey high school and earns good grades, he never gets into trouble and by all accounts is just a flat out good kid.

Mr. Ward, I am sorry to have to challenge your world view here, but in your universe you would have more likely than not condemned this young boy to death.  He was not being attacked by an evil man with a gun… he was being attacked by an evil man with a stick.

Unless we are prepared to ban “sticks”, this attack could have just as easily happened in the utopia you dream of.

He was saved, pure and simply by a good man who happened to be armed with a…. (gasp)… gun… and had the training and presence of mind to use it.

The fact that Mr. P did not fire a shot, makes the argument against Mr. Ward that much more sweet.


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