Frequently Asked Questions



We offer basic firearm classes using NRA course curriculum as well as advanced shooting courses taught by specialized  instructors.  Additionally, we have curriculum specifically developed for ADI and our students.

Our address is 11 Spectrum Pointe Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630.  We are just 2.5 miles North of the 405/5 “Y” interchange off of Bake Parkway.

Yes, and no.  The Weapons we use at Artemis are fully-registered firearms.  Meaning, if you are a statutorily prohibited person (ie: Felon) you may not enter the premises.  Now that that is out of the way…. we welcome everyone, including kids. However, be advised that children need to be able to safely hold the firearm and have the requisite maturity required to train.  We typically allow children under the age of 17 to participate in marksmanship training only.  The use-of-force scenarios are set aside for private training and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Our Founder Sandy Lieberman had a vision to expand weapons training from the traditional range and open up a training facility that focused on simulation-based training.  She convinced her husband (she is good at that), and voila-

We are always interested in meeting people that have a passion for training and meet the requisite work experience necessary to train civilians, military and law enforcement.  If you have those skills we would love to hear from you.  Email a cover letter and resume to along with the position you’re applying for.

We run classes every day of the week… but at times will close our training to the public for Law Enforcement training.  Please check our front desk for current hours and availabilities.

Yes.  We have our FFL, and we are on the California Dealer List.  However, our firearm sales are more of a concierge service to our clients.  We don’t stock firearms inventory and we don’t sell firearms to those we have not trained.  We do offer the Firearm Safety Certificate and Test to the general public for the statutory fee of $25.00.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment to get your Firearm Safety Certificate, please contact us at (949) 305-6586.

For those of you who may be sensitive to air conditioning, please bring a jacket or a sweater with you as our lab is climate controlled to 65 degrees.  A driver’s license, active duty Law Enforcement and/or Military ID’s may be used as proof of identity. That’s it… we provide everything else.

NONE!  ADI simulators do not use ammunition.  We use CO2 to replicate recoil and embedded lasers to mark a simulated hit.

The Threat Fire is our simulation shoot-back indicator.  It also serves as an adrenaline boost to keep you in “condition red.”  If you are “hit” by incoming rounds you experience a jolt of 80,000-100,000 volts of electricity.  But do not worry, there is no amperage on the Threat Fire, therefore it is not debilitating.

No… it is encouraged, to get the full value out of your training session, but we never force anyone to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.  Also, if you are concerned about a pre-existing medical condition just talk to us…we can often make alternative uses of the Threat Fire so that the trainee can get the maximum benefit from the training.

Absolutely!  Contact ADI and we can discuss your class needs.  We also offer classroom rentals.

Absolutely!  We understand and respect that Military and Law Enforcement trainers usually employ their own trainers and training protocols.  ADI personnel have the ability to fully train military or law enforcement shooters, or we can take a back seat to our customers’ own staff trainers.

Yes.  We host several law enforcement agencies and are under contract with the Orange County Sheriffs Dept.  If your agency or dept. is interested in using ADI for the most cost-effective force-on-force training available, contact us at (949) 305-6586.

Of course not.  Please see our Privacy Policy Agreement for more details.

There is no minimum age.  However, due to the nature of content, maturity is an  important consideration.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian. 


An membership is for one person only. We offer additional discounts per member of household. If you have any questions or help regarding membership, please call our front desk at (949) 305-6586.

We offer a range of membership options to suit your training and pricing needs. Not only do you receive membership discounts for most of our courses, we often like to share discounts and other opportunities from our affiliates.  As for the freebies, there are some classes that we like to include for our members such as Ladies’ Night and Drinks with The Major & The Captain. For details of each option, please visit our membership page.

Yes! As a courtesy to our members we offer “HOLDS” or “VACATION HOLDS” that may be requested with at least 24 hours notice. An account on hold will not be charged for the upcoming month as a courtesy to our members. You may place a hold on your account for up to three months. The account will be processed AUTOMATICALLY on the next scheduled cycle. Your account will be grandfathered in at the rate in which you first began your membership, however, if your hold exceeds the three month limit, it may convert to the new membership rates.

We hate to see you go, but we understand and hope we see you again soon! You may cancel your membership at any time by submitting a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to your last intended session to prevent automatic batch processing. Please email our administration team at

Billing & Payments

All memberships require an active credit card on file. Cash can only be used to Pre-pay for a plan that has a set end date and must be paid in full at the time it is set up (a card will still be to be on file).

We will not charge your credit card unless you fail to make payment and fail to contact us to make other arrangements. All dues are required to be paid on the designated cycle date as determined by the client, or membership may be cancelled.


If a payment fails multiple times and the client fails to contact Artemis or respond to any attempt made by Artemis to contact the client, the membership will be cancelled and any grandfathered rates will revert to the new membership rate upon reactivation. Membership Dues will not be credited back for failure on the client to schedule training sessions while on an active membership. If you are charged for the month, have not notified Staff of a Hold or Cancellation request and you do not come in for training, credit cannot be issued for lack of use.

To cancel a session, please give notice 24 hours in advance to avoid a $10 charge to your account by calling our office at (949) 305-6586, NO online cancellations will be allowed within 24 hours. If you “no show”, you will be charged the full price of the class, or have a session deducted from your plan.