Team Artemis

Artemis Office Administrator Angelica M

Angelica M.

Human Resources Assistsant & Group Events Coordinator

An eclectic background of experience… Dynamic educator with a Professional Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential focused in Social Sciences. Experienced Sales Associate at Harley Davidson with outstanding Customer Service, and doTERRA Wellness Advocate with a passion for sharing natural ways to a healthy lifestyle. 

Ben M.

Sales Manager

Ben is a firearm and knife collector with a passion for training and honing his craft. A certified instructor and forever student, Ben has taken over 40 formal training classes across the firearm and edged weapons spectrum.

As a competition shooter, he believes that the proper introduction and right environment can turn anyone into a recreational shooter. On the business front, Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and 14 years of managing experience, which he uses to help redefine customer service within the industry.

The Colonel

Self Defense Instructor

Jim Duffy, LTC U.S. Army (Retired) Special Forces Green Berets, dedicated twenty-three years of service while serving in Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He is a Decade Life Member of the Special Forces Association and past President of local Special Forces Association (SFA) Chapter 78.

Artemis CCW/Use of Force, Marksmanship Instructor Corey P

Corey P.

Operations Lead & Instructor

Corey was born at Saddleback Memorial Hospital to two Marines stationed at El Toro Air Station, and he continued the family tradition and joined the USMC. His goals at ADI are “to continue to provide our students with the best possible training and challenge myself to also remain a student of others; just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

David S.


Debbie K.


Richly diverse is a phrase that comes to mind when describing Debbie Kayoda, and we’ve been lucky to have her on the team since May of 2020. Her goals at ADI are “to continue developing my self-defense/firearms skills and knowledge so I can relay them to students… to do my part to make Artemis a friendly and rewarding place to be. “

Artemis CCW/Use of Force Instructor Dominic

Dominic 'Monty' M.

ADI Instructor, Operator, & CA Law Enforcement Officer

Dominic Montalbano, AKA “Monty”, first met Sandy and Steven several years ago when their daughter, Chaney, was an Explorer for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department; Monty was the master of ceremonies for her Explorer banquet. Fast forward a few years and Monty and Sandy reconnected. The rest is history!

Artemis CCW/Use of Force, Marksmanship Instructor JJ



More coming soon!


Katherine T.

Front Desk/Office Manager & Instructor

Katherine shares that she has a strong desire to meet new people and try to help them as much as she can. She also has an interest in self-defense & believes everyone can benefit from learning more. “Working here at Artemis helps me incorporate both of these interests and develop them both into one enjoyable activity,” 

Kavon H.

Orion Developer & General Manager

Kavon became a member of Team Artemis in 2013 and has been an integral and contributing facet of the growth within Artemis Defense Institute. His dedication and innovation have been dynamic contributions to the breadth of possibilities with the future of ADI.

Larry O.

Artemis Marksmanship Instructor/Operator LeoJ

Leo J.


Meet ADI’s secret instructor… His “official” position here at Artemis is Operator, but Leo Jeong is qualified and valued as one of our key instructors. Leo was a client before we snagged him as a team member. He formally joined Team Artemis in 2018 and has been a “quiet” force here ever since.

Ryan K.

Artemis CCW/Use of Force, Marksmanship Instructor Sandy L

Sandy L.

Owner & Co-Founder

More coming soon!

Steven L.

Owner & Co-Founder

Steven Lieberman Esq. is a Captain in the California State Military Reserve and a use of force attorney working with law enforcement and legally armed civilians in protocols, training, as well as civil and criminal culpability compliance issues.  His knowledge of use of force protocols, as well as the institutional workings of law enforcement, provides clients with the necessary tools to avoid criminal prosecution, and mitigate civil liability.

CCW/Use of Force Artemis Instructor Susan H

Susan H.


She may be small, but she is MIGHTY! Since joining Team Artemis in 2018, Susan
Huang has been a valued coach and team member. She thrives on sharing her firearm enthusiasm with others. Susan explains, “Knowledge is power, and I think people who are afraid of shooting should at least try it once with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

Not pictured

Jeannette L.
John A.
Mark S.

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