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Our Logo


Symbols mean things.

We use monikers for a variety of reasons.  Some are commercial, some are based in vanity.  All serve to identify the individual and institution and establish a shared connection.  A community comes from a logo, and a logo exists because of the community.

After three years our institution, as well as our community has grown beyond what we could have envisioned in our late evenings dreaming about what a place like Artemis could possible be.

Like our business, our logo has changed each and every year of our operation.

As our client base grew… from our law enforcement contracts, our Military and Special Forces groups, and of course the scores of legally armed citizens.  Artemis took on new looks.

Now as we enter our third year, Artemis has matured again… and our logo reflects that maturation.

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Still… logos have a lineage, and in even a relatively young company as ours, our logo has roots that go not just physically to our opening days…. but philosophically to our nations founding.

The elements of our logo come from history.

History of our nations experiment in the belief that rights emanate from a Creator and are only recognized by a government.  A history of academic thought in the development of modern skill at arms… and yes a history that reminds us that our company comes from the tenacity and cunning of Artemis herself… the Goddess of the Hunt.

Many ask us why Artemis?  Why the Goddess of the hunt?  Why not Ares, Apollo, or Zeus himself for our namesake?  We chose Artemis for a simple reason… Since she is always hunting she is the consummate tactician.  She must be completely aware of her surroundings and must have intimate knowledge of her game.  She must outsmart, and be better prepared then her quarry.  She must also herself be a master of skill at arms.  For though she might possess the skill and cunning to outsmart the deer…. without the knowledge of the bow her efforts are futile.

With our new logo we turn greater attention to our own American history. While  Artemis herself is featured prominently in the three arrows at the center.  Those arrows also connect us to the not so distant past and the wisdom of Col. Jeff Cooper.

Col. Cooper, coined the phrase Diligentia Vis. Celeritas.   Accuracy Power Speed.  The three essential elements to persevering in a deadly force encounter.  His intellectual contribution to the development of skill at arms was a codification of ideas that had been in use for centuries.  The combatants of ancient Greece knew this… and thus three arrows connect us to Coopers trinity.

In our banner you will see to the left thirteen stars.  The thirteen original colonies of the United States,… to the right the roman numeral three.  This stands for the “three percent.”

During our revolution roughly three percent of the colonial population took up arms against the British.

Three percent of a rag tag population, skilled in the use of arms and dedicated to proposition of freedom, stood stalwart against an entire empire and in the end secured a victory of freedom.

Lexington and Concord, the start of the American Revolution began with an attempt by tyrants to disarm a free people.

We recognize the courage and the sacrifice of that brave three percent, and it reminds us that  our battle to secure the rights of individuals did not end at Yorktown, it was not solidified at Appomattox, nor was it secured for all posterity aboard the USS Missouri, or at the collapse of the Soviet Union.  No… the battle against tyranny, rages from generation to generation.  There is a natural balance that exists between the people… those who hold the rights…. and the government which is established to ensure that those rights remain secured.

Our founders knew quite well that the natural order of government is a devolution into tyranny.  To keep tyranny at bay they made sure two things:  That the people know that power comes from them and them alone… that when the government fails to serve the people, or the government seeks to enslave the people, the social contract between the people and the government is broken.  The Government loses its legitimacy, and the people are empowered to change it.  The second is the knowledge that the people have the means… meaning arms… to effectuate that change.

So our logo is a call sign.  A moniker, a beacon.  It signals to free people, and those who wish to excise their fundamental rights to bear arms,  that we are a community of distinct individuals and patriots.  A community that has a deep and rich tradition. A tradition of intellectuals, philosophers and warriors.  A tradition that also knows that with freedom comes a requirement of maturity.  For next to our logo we have our slogan: “You have the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS…. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to train.


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