CCW: Initial Program (Two-Day Weekend)



This is a 2-day blended program with an online “live” lecture followed by hands-on training at ADI and a qualification shoot at Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino Hills. This CCW course is for anyone looking to obtain their permits for the first time. Please see our renewal courses for anyone who already has their CCW permit.


SAT: 9am – 5pm

SUN: 10am – 5pm

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    DURATION~15 Hours


    CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon, and it is the act of carrying a concealed weapon on your person. CCW laws vary from state to state, and typically involves an application process and going through a local Sheriff or other law enforcement agency. While ADI is a certified CCW training provider for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, taking this course does not guarantee a CCW.


    The Artemis Defense Institute’s CCW course has been approved to provide the basic foundation for what is necessary to be a responsible CCW holder. There is no limit to the number of firearms you choose to have on your license, and there is no additional cost to you. Adding a firearm later to your license is easy; see ADD-A-GUN below for details.


    *OCSD has no limit to the number of firearms listed on your permit.

    **LASD limits you to three guns.  

    The first day of training is held online only via Zoom*. Once you sign up for the course, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the links and IDs required. Topics covered in our first session include:

    • developing a personal and home safety plan
    • firearms safety
    • shooting fundamentals
    • firearms manipulation
    • shooting under stress
    • legal use of force


    By the end of our session, the class will be divided into three training and shooting groups for Sunday.


    *For those who have never used Zoom, this fantastic video shows just how easy it is to join the class. See you there!


    Here are all of the things you’ll need to bring on Sunday:

    • Government-issued ID, preferably a CA Driver’s License
    • All of the firearms that you want to be listed on your CCW
    • Magazines for your firearms (three preferable)
    • At least two magazine pouches unless you plan to carry them in your pocket
    • Orange County Ammunition Requirement: 
      • 24 rounds for each firearm
    • LA County Ammunition Requirement:
      • 72 rounds for your first firearm
      • 20 rounds for each subsequent firearm
    • A holster that fits the above firearm in the manner in which you plan to carry – (no ankle holsters, please)
    • Eye Protection
    • Ear Protection