Tarani: Edged Weapons Continuation and Improvised Weapons


This training gives you the tactical skills and personal confidence needed for a defensive solution where firearms are not an option. Employing non-ballistic weapons from three separate categories: edged weapons, impact weapons, and flexible weapons, you will be trained in the very same life-saving skills used by protection professionals.

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    Course Content Includes: How to identify improvised weapons, run a resource assessment listing, access and effectively use improvised edged weapons (kitchen knives, broken glass, etc.), flexible weapons (such as your jacket, belt, purse-strap, a trash can liner, and even your shirt), impact weapons such as flashlights, rolled-up magazines, a broom handle and the like. Delivered to you by an ex-CIA protection expert, you can’t find this level of professional training anywhere else. First come first serve as seats are limited. Day One AM – You will be introduced to the Fundamentals of Personal Protection. Learn what is and how to use your Situational Awareness to control your immediate environment, How to Recognize a Threat, and How to Defeat an Attack. Gain the 90% Tactical Advantage in Protective Measures against physical threats, how to manage a threat, and make immediate life-saving decisions. Learn how to lower your threat profile, handle real-world physical threat scenarios and how to take and keep positive control of your environment at home, at work, at school, and while traveling.


    Mr. Tarani is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who served in protective programs and was formerly on staff at the US Dept. of Energy (DOE) National Security Institute (Security Force Training Dept.) at Kirtland Air Force Base (NM) where he worked for the US State Department Anti-terrorist assistance program (ATAP).