Tarani: Karambit – The Curved Blade


The Curved Blade or Karambit utility and personal safety tool is a remarkable combination of ancient marvel and modern technology. In this outstanding course you have an opportunity to learn about the curved blade as reliable utilitarian and self-defense tool. This is a course taught by Steve Tarani hosted by Artemis Defense Institute.

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    • Prerequisites: None                      
    • Weapons: None                 
    • Prior Training: None
    • Requirements: Must be over 18 years of age with a valid ID (driver’s license)
    • What to expect: Brief lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises (mostly hands-on), information-based training and medium physical activity.


    Why a curved blade? What is a Karambit? Why is it considered one of the most respected personal defense weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago? Extracted from the jungles of West Java, deep in the heart of Indonesia, appropriate and effective usage of the Karambit is revealed in this unique edged weapons training program. In this “how-to” course you will delve into the rich history and practical operation of this incredible personal safety tool. Uncover the secrets of the Indonesian and Filipino training methods, combative strategies, and defensive tactics such as disarms, takedowns, throws, immobilizations, escapes, locks, and other self-defense skills in operating the curved blade.


    Although quite a remarkable utility tool, it can also be used self-defense. As fierce as it may look, its small tip and blade length are not conducive to the delivery of lethal blows and the Karambit cannot be used for thrusting and thus cannot be considered a dagger. However, when skillfully deployed it can deliver a nasty and intention-changing payload to a determined attacker.


    Scope of study includes orientation, lecture on the history of the Karambit and its contemporary application, modern carry, and deployment, how to grip and manipulate the Karambit, how to effectively employ both the cutting edge and point, safety and operation in utility usage and techniques to ensure your personal safety in a close-quarters altercation against an overpowering assailant, how to disarm an attacker wielding a contact weapon (such as a knife, baseball bat, broken beer bottle, etc.,), or a firearm and defending against multiple attackers. Additionally, the course provides solutions to the toughest personal defense situations you may encounter.




    With the endless styles and designs, selecting a curved blade can be a daunting task. Know what to look for and how to exactly fit your hand. Once you’ve made your selection, then where should it be carried? What about position and rapid access? If you needed to get to your curved blade and deploy it (snap it out) in a hurry, then what’s the most effective method? How should you hold it in your hand if you need it in self-defense? Once the blade is in your hand and ready to use, then how exactly do you use it? What should you do in a threatening situation? What can you do to defend yourself and others in that situation? If you’ve ever had the desire to know the answers to any or all of these questions then this course is specifically designed for you!


    Starting with the answers to these questions this course moves at a rapid pace presenting the very basics of carrying, accessing, and rapid deployment of the curved blade. Following a detailed study in grips, stances, and operation, training then progresses to how to keep a single and even multiple attackers at bay (a safe distance away from you and your loved ones) affording you the time and opportunity to move out of harm’s way and toward safety.


    What are the seven lethal strike zones subjected to an edged weapon attack on the human body? Learn what these are and how to defend against them with your bare hands and your curved blade. At the end of this course, you will walk away from everything you need to know about how it works and how to use the curved blade in self-defense.


    • Orientation and Safety – Know how to identify and safely handle all components of the curved blade.
    • Defensive Application – History of the curved blade (Karambit) and its equivalent modern defensive application.
    • Carry and Deployment – Where and how to carry, access, and rapidly deploy the curved blade.
    • Grips and Manipulation–How to appropriately handle, control, and effective use of the curved edge and the point.
    • Close Quarters Application – Know what it takes to take and keep control of your “position of dominance” when using the curved blade.
    • Disarming and Takedowns – How to disarm and take down an attacker in self-defense.
    • Real-world Threat Scenarios – Real-world problem solving and demonstration of your new skills!
    • Your Curved Blade (Karambit) fixed or folding knife. Training knives will be provided for use during the course.
    • Wear any comfortable attire but not sweatpants – what you normally wear. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.
    • This is fun and easy training! You walk away with a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable and useful information with medium physical effort.