Package: 15 Keys to the Range


Purchase “KEYS” for Exclusive Range Access

Unlock the doors to our range between April and December 2024 15X with this package. The key(s) will never expire, but keep your eyes open for online reservation coming soon!
Keys are available to ACTIVE members only for purchase and use!


Each Key Entitles You To:

  • 1-45 Minutes Private Training Session with an Artemis Instructor on the 2 lane range
  • Elect to bring a +1 to your private session at no additional cost
  • Choose a Course of Fire or let our Instructor/RSO select one for You
  • Keys never expire, but are for single use only and will have no value once redeemed for an appointment
  • Keys are available for purchase and use by active members only
  • Keys may be sold/transferred to other active members
  • The Range is open to Members with keys and Contracts groups in 2024
  • Some Memberships will be adjusted to offer live fire training in 2025