Rifle Refresher Class


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    Location: Prado Olympic Shooting Park. Rifle Range.

                     17501 Pomona Rincon Rd.

                     Chino Hills, CA 91708

    Equipment needed:

    • Rifle in a case with 2 point sling. (Single point sling is acceptable).
    • Small notebook with pen (to notate sight adjustments during zero process).
    • 350-400 rounds of rifle ammunition. NO STEEL CORE AMMUNITION. 
    • Shooting Pad.
    • Eye and ear protection.
    • Multi-tool.
    • Snacks and water.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Baseball hat.

    This is a refresher shoot offered to students who have  successfully completed Rifle 1, 2 & 3. As a refresher student, you will join the Rifle Class in progress an hour into the program. As a refresher student, you will be placed on the waitlist and will be admitted into the class on a first come first in basis. Member discounts apply.