Sheepdog Patch


Proceeds will be used to spread awareness, empower, educate and train individuals and families of first responders (to include civilian ccw permit holders) through the “Sheep Dog Program” administered through “The Daughters of Artemis” (a Non Profit Organization).

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As many of you may know, we lost a member, Dr. John Cheng last May to an active killer who intended to kill innocent people attending church services at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods.  Dr. Cheng, a CCW holder was unarmed that day.  Unarmed, he acted with extreme bravery and charged at the killer, saving others, but sacrificing himself.  We sincerely believe that had he been carrying concealed, he would be here with us today.  Dr. Cheng will be honored by the Orange County Sheriff’s Depart as a hero, however due to the politically charged topic of firearms, the fact that he was a CCW holder will be silent, a request made by his family.  We hope to honor him as one of our own and use this opportunity to remind you all to carry at all times.   You can read Dr. John Cheng’s story here.


The Daughters of Artemis Is the non-profit wing of the Artemis Group Inc.  Currently pending reinstatement of the 501(c)3 status, the Daughter’s of Artemis is a charitable organization with a focus on developing confidence in individuals and empowering them to realize they can be their own best defense.