Tarani: Improvised Weapons


This is a 2 day program. No prior training or experience needed! For your personal safety no open-toe shoes allowed. Participants should bring an extra t-shirt, hand towel, neck-tie, scarf, bandana, or similar article to be used as a flexible weapon. Start and end times for each day are 09:00 – 16:00 with a one-hour lunch break.

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    Never be unarmed again! In the event, you don’t have access to a firearm, this Improvised Weapons training program teaches you to identify and utilize common hand-held items that will give you the decisive advantage in a violent physical encounter. Learn how to identify, access and employ every-day items in your environment to defend yourself if necessary. You’ll be introduced to techniques using “weapons of opportunity” for self-defense that can be found in your home, at work or anywhere you go. Easy-to-master skills work best for the professionals and that’s what you’ll be taught here. No previous experience is necessary – there is no prerequisite for this course. Instruction Includes: How to run a resource assessment listing and quickly identify improvised weapons, how to access and effectively deploy improvised edged weapons (knife, broken glass, credit card), impact weapons and small hand-held “weapons” such as flashlights, pens, rolled magazines, and the like, and flexible weapons such as your jacket, belt, a hand-towel, trash-can liner, purse-strap and even your shirt.