Tarani: Executive Protection For Your VIP/Family – Simulation Based


Learn the skills and gain the knowledge of a highly trained protective agent. Take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to learn from protective service professionals from deep within the US Defense Intelligence community. Protective programs defensive tactics subject matter expert and world-class educator Steve Tarani steps outside “the Agency” to provide you with this vetted, unarmed, easy-to-follow protective agents training curriculum allowing you the
opportunity to develop and utilize your instinctive reflexes to resolve issues involving the threat of an attack on yourself and those close to you.




This is NOT martial arts – this is NOT crime prevention – this IS a professional hands-on protective services approach to doing what it takes to get yourself and your loved ones out of trouble and immediately to safety. Applicable at home, at school, at work, in your car, and while on vacation, this is an opportunity for you to take home field-tested “bread and butter” techniques, sustainment drills, and proven tactics gleaned from the professionals.



  • Fundamentals of Protection – Exactly what you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe from current and emerging threats.
  • Protective Intelligence – What the professionals know about managing real-world threats.
  • Preventative Defense – How to use your environment as an extension of your awareness.
  • Threat Assessment/ Attack Recognition – How to identify, mitigate and if necessary defend against an actual threat.
  • Unarmed Active Shooter Response – What to do in the event of an active shooter in your home, at work, school, when shopping, etc.
  • Protected Movement – How to effectivelymove yourself and your family to and from controlled and uncontrolled areas under duress.
  • Protective Measures – How to control an actual threat
    engagement, protection to/ from and in your car (vehicular approaches
    and departures), How to lower your Threat Profile, How to take and keep
    positive control of your environment (home, work, school, travel, etc.,)
    Managing the fateful Injury/ Distance liability gap.Learn the three
    things you need to know to take and keep control of any threat.
  • Defensive Tactics – Defense against single and multiple assailants.
  • At a Glance – Learn how to “read” buildings and doors both of
    which can tell you everything you need to know about where to go and
    what to do, all from a single glance.
  • Approaches and Departures– Know what protection professionals
    know in exactly what to look for when approaching or departing from
    either a vehicle or a building.
  • Control Points – Learn exactly where and how control points work and how you can use them to put yourself in an advantageous position.


This is a fun and easy-to-learn course! You walk away with a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable and useful information with minimal physical effort.



No live fire – this is not a live-fire firearms course. No weapons necessary, however if you normally carry a folding knife then bring it. If you are a CCW (carry concealed weapon(s)) permit holder, it is strongly recommended that you train with a replica/ facsimile of your handgun as part of this course. Bring a (blue/ red/ inert) training gun with matching holster in the carry position you normally carry (IWB, OWB, etc.,). Remember that you will react in the way you were trained so the very best value for your dollar is to train the way you regularly carry.



Protect yourself and your loved ones with the skills of a trained Protective Agent. Think and move like professionals.


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    Hands-On Protective Services

    Learn essential skills to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones with our “Executive Protection for Your Family” Course


    • Fundamentals of Protection
    • Protective Intelligence
    • Threat Assessment/Response
    • Attack Recognition
    • Active Shooter Response
    • How to Move from Controlled/Uncontrolled areas
    • Protective Measures Against Threats in Various Areas
    • How to Control Attacks on Principals (AOPs) with Protective to/from Buildings and Vehicles
    • Deployment of your Weapon in an Active Protective Movement (“indexing” “programming”, etc.)
    • Managing the fateful Injury/Distance Liability Gap
    • Cover and Evacuation
    • Counter-Abduction Techniques
    • Defense Against Single and Multiple Attackers