There is a singular emotion.  Fear is worthless, numbing, a mind killer… fear serves no purpose other than to remind us of our own mortality.  Fear and Rage are twin sisters each with equal access to us.  We can choose to embrace fear, or instead embrace Rage.

This is a time for Rage.

Those of you who have been through our CCW class, know of the hypothetical I start each class out with:  Sandy and I are at a local restaurant and someone comes in looking to cause mayhem.  The purpose of this hypothetical is to highlight Col. Cooper’s color code of situational awareness.  It also posits the question… when is force acceptable and under what conditions.  In the hypothetical, an identified threat pulls out a knife and threatens the life of the restaurant hostess.

What do you do?

Do you engage?  Do you flee out the emergency exit door?  Do you freeze?

Midway through our CCW “class 63” this last Saturday, the hypothetical turned into a reality.

While we were in the lab our phones started buzzing with alerts.

London was under attack.

First it was news of emergency vehicles racing towards London Bridge.  Another Daesh had decided to weaponize a vehicle.  Then the reports came in that diners at Borough Market had also been attacked.  Another proto-human had tried to appease Allah with the blood of innocents.

I am filled with rage and with sorrow.

But the target of my venom is not just the scum that perpetrated these attacks…. and make no mistake, I want them and their kind eradicated from this planet.  No… today my outrage is directed towards those that aided and abetted them:  The British Government.

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The British have invested literally billions of pounds in ensuring that their populace are ready, willing victims.  They have feebly attempted to outlaw weapons, but weapons must be defined by use, not by design.  The machete, the chain saw, even the pencil are deadly weapons.  Just as violent as the firearm in the hands of those that seek to reek havoc.  The tool most efficient in stopping their attacks are… you guessed it: Firearms.  The one thing that the government prevents victims from possessing.

The sophomoric nonsense extends to this side of the pond as well.

Last week, LAPD’s Charlie Beck penned an op ed wringing his hands and clutching his pearls at the notion that a national reciprocity bill could be foisted upon snowflakes of Los Angeles.  Why the hostility?

Beck articulated the rational behind national reciprocity correctly.  A person that lives in a jurisdiction ruled by tyrants that do not respect fundamental rights of their citizens could simply get a CCW from another state that is more enlightened.  Then Beck and his gang would be forced to recognize the citizens right to carry.  Sac re blue!

And what of it?

What moral ambiguity are we afraid of?

Are we concerned that law abiding citizens will suddenly turn into homicidal maniacs?  The empirical evidence simply does not prove that out.

Are we concerned that people will put more faith in the power of the individual then the power of the collective?


Especially when that collective is controlled by the governing class.

What if… just to fantasize, the UK did not have the regulatory ban on firearms that has been in place since WWI.

What if, instead of relegating the power of personal protection to the State…. instead of demonizing tools, and trying to relate with actors,… the UK helped foster and develop a firearms culture?

What if, instead of hapless victims in Borough Market there were a collection of hardened patriots?

In Texas, a thug went into a restaurant with the intent to cause mayhem.  He killed one person, only to have his killing spree stopped cold by a citizen licensed to carry a firearm.

The gun culture in England has been so decimated that even most first responders don’t have access to firearms, and those that do are often deployed after the event has finished.

So what do we gain by living in this utopian paradise be it Los Angels, New York, London, Paris?


Failure for the most basic rationale for a body politic.  Mutual security.  The nature of evil cannot be legislated out of existence.  Those that think it possible are either intellectual infants or beneficiaries of the barbarians.

There are two types of targets in a war.  Counter force (military units, and supply lines) and Counter value (civilians).  This conflict… this clash between civilizations, this war between the 21st Century and the 13th century is almost exclusively made up of counter value targets.

The enemy does not target our military assets, they target exclusively civilians.  This is primarily done because most civilians are not equipped to fight back.

That must stop now.

We have been drafted.  We are conscripts whether we like it or not in this new global drama.  We are more than first responders… we are infantry.

Those that would seek to limit our ability to defend ourselves against a military attack are in fact aiding and abetting the enemy.

That must not be tolerated.

We are not just citizens of the enemy in the eyes of Daesh… we are the representatives of both classical liberalism, and by extension western civilization.  We must embrace that, and respond in kind.  We will train, we will harden ourselves, and we will be vigilant in our day to day lives!

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