Sharp Pointy Things

Sharp Pointy Things

Sacramento CA

“In an effort to ensure the safety and quality of life of our citizens we must do what we can to prevent the proliferation of sharp pointy things in our communities.  SB 146 does just that by enacting common sense knife rules.” Said Sen. Phillipe Raul-Li at the opening of todays Public Safety Committee hearing on Edged Weapons.

Since the attacks in Europe and Asia with knives a growing public concern has taken hold over the ease and availability of deadly weapons, specifically metal weapons with pointy tips.

SB 146 is designed to make it harder for individuals to obtain and use these weapons which account for the vast majority of assaults and murders.

During an interview Sen. Raul-li admitted that knives were not at first the target of his bill.

“We wanted to enact legislation that would be consistent with our desire to make children safer.  We also wanted to make sure that I got the credit for this thing.  Unfortunately as soon as I mentioned that I wanted to do something like this everyone on my side of the isle tried to beat me to the punch.  That by the way was a euphemism.  I don’t want to be quoted as having suggested that anyone attempted any form of aggression or micro aggression against me.”  Said Raul-li.

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In fact, the original legislation focused on demanding that industries retro fit all existing structures in California with sponge like walls and floors to minimize the injuries associated with falling.  Pressure from the trial lawyers association, as well as numerous politically connected building contractors doomed this legislation from the start.

According to Raul-li his inspiration for the knew knife law came about while visiting a mall in Southern California.

“I was walking through the mall when I saw someone coming out of a cooking store.  They sat down on one of the benches in the mall and pulled out of their bag a chef’s cooking knife.  They just sat there with this thing!  I mean, I felt totally helpless.  Who is this woman?  Why does she need a chef’s knife.  I doubt she is even a chef!  The reality is, with modern frozen food dinners available to people there is no need for anyone to have access to these weapons of war.  The fact that she was able to just walk into a store in a mall and buy one was the most troubling.”  Stated Raul-li.

Co-Sponser Sen Alice Snodgrass agreed.  “There is absolutely no reason why anyone needs to have knives.  We have professional food serves that are properly trained in using cutting tools to prepare food.  People who feel they need these things either should be ashamed of themselves or are just sick.”

When asked about the use of knives for utility practices such as opening packages or their use in crafts both senators seemed irritated.

“We have serious issues that we need to deal with in the legislature.  No one here has any interest in taking away someones right to buy consumer products or make crafts.  What we are trying to do is make it just a little more difficult for a bad guy to get a knife.”  Said Sen. Snodgrass.

The bill is expected to be passed through the Public Safety Commission and be recommended to the Senate.

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