"Instructors were all top notch"

My first experience with Artemis was their FREE Pre-CCW course that they provide as a public service to the community. That class alone was very insightful and full of knowledge.

After that I decided to sign up for a few of their pistol courses (1,2 and 3). The instructors were all top notch. Very knowledgeable and helpful, all with their own impressive backgrounds to back up what they were teaching. I came in as a recreational shooter with limited holster experience, and left a defensive shooter with a far greater understanding of firearm manipulation and holster transitions.

The owners are wonderful people who truly care about their clients and want to make sure that people are getting their money's worth, but also making sure that they are understanding everything they are being taught and are being safe at the same time.

I would recommend Artemis to all family and friends. The experience is unique, the knowledge about firearms and law is great and the people care more than just about your money.

-Ryan S

"For the ladies!"

The best place. For the ladies who may be intimidated when learning how to use a firearm (as was I) — the employees are so kind and welcoming. They are patient and very knowledgeable. Always feel inspired after leaving Artemis. Bonus: they are AMAZING at answering emails. Always get a prompt reply with all questions answered. Highly recommend.

-Kaitlyn J.

"Perfect place to start"

I was referred to Artemis through fellow veterans that had trained there or taken their CCW Certification classes there...

I was BLOWN AWAY at how friendly, professional and passionate everyone at Artemis was about what they do, who they are and what they stand for.

Sandy and Steven are both outstanding instructors and advocates. Every staff member I've interacted with is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

As a former Marine, I can attest to the fact that the training you'll receive at Artemis is world-class. I loved every minute of the training so far and I'm looking forward to doing much more of it with everyone at Artemis.

If you're thinking of getting into firearms training or getting your concealed weapons permit, Artemis is the perfect place to start.

Highly, highly recommend and I'm referring everyone I know here.

-Bill H.

"Left no question unanswered"

From start to finish Artemis was a great experience and I highly recommend them. I will be exclusively coming back to Artemis for training, tips, and recommendations. Here's what you can expect.

Scheduling/Signing Up - I had to reschedule multiple times. That process was made incredibly easy through my Artemis account on their website. - When I needed a human, they were quick to answer a phone and quick to answer an e-mail

CCW Day 1 - Class was great, interactive, and engaging. It was 100% remote on zoom which some will prefer but I'd like to see them offered in person as well. Maybe every other is remote/in person. - While Steven was teaching on camera, Sandy was standing by in the Zoom chat to answer questions as they came up. Great duo.

CCW Day 2 - In person and on-site you're given a foundations class about situational awareness, how to draw from concealed, draw techniques, correct grip/hand positioning, tactical and speed reloads, priorities when something happens, etc. - The class is interactive, you're actually perform reps of these techniques with your weapon with a skilled Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt to guide you through - Off to the range to qual. Basically to show you can hit a target from 7 yards away consistently through over 7 magazines without weapons or human failure.

- Jared

"Left no question unanswered"

I recently attended a CCW course at Artemis and could not be happier with the experience. The owner and instructor Steven is an attorney and left no question unanswered for me. The space itself is well organized and comfortable, which is a big plus since the course is 16 hours over two days. The cost is a little higher here compared to some other locations but I can say it is absolutely worth the expertise and experience provided by the owners and staff. Thank you Steven and Sandy for putting such a great experience together.

-Austin G.

"No egos, no BS, just guns"

Wonderful instructors and very thorough and real-world courses and training. Very knowledgeable about not only firearms but the law as it applies to the use of firearms. No egos, no BS, just guns. I've taken classes from several different companies/instructors and I highly recommend Artemis Defense Institute.

-Kodiak J

"They know their stuff"

ARTEMIS is excellent! Just finished my second class, top notch! I've been here for a group training before also. The owners are directly involved and they know their stuff! All staff are experts and very helpful! I will be back!

-Vince M

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