The Election

The Election

The Day After

Last night when I finally went to bed the probability of a “President Trump” was extraordinarily high… but the deal had not been sealed.

This morning I awoke to the formal announcement that our Republic had a new President Elect.

This is historic on so many levels.

First and foremost, as with every transition of power between two parties our Republic did it with out the spillage of blood.  This transition is different though.

While Trump is a putative Republican, he is not of the established “Republican Class”.

What “we the people” sought was a disruptor.

Corruption, and cronyism has for years become an endemic structural reality of American politics.

This is one of the reasons I am convinced the pollsters and pundits were so wrong in their pre-election assessments.

For multiple generations now we have consistently relinquished our individuality for collectivism.    The  structural architecture of our government  has been established to facilitate that move towards central planning and away from individual initiative.

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Trump could not win, because to postulate a win would be to postulate a fundamental rejection of gravity.

Our body politic last night said enough was enough…. at least roughly fifty percent of the body politic did.  Trump was the rallying point, but the vote was as much against Hillary, as it was for Trump.

The rest of the world has reacted as expected as well.

There were “man on the street” interviews being conducted by the UK Daily Mail this morning of Muslims overseas.  Their reaction to a Trump victory was interesting.

They were concerned that he would not be “accommodating” to muslims.

I did not realize that a specific group required accommodation.

My greatest concern leading into this election was the make up of the Supreme Court.  Those fears have been put to rest for the time being.  There will definitely be a change with the Supremes with at least one new member… possibly up to three.

There are also countless appellate seats that will be filled as well.

When Obama took office he had the benefit of controlling the executive, as well as both houses of congress.  Very little was accomplished during that time.

Trump now finds himself in the same position.

While he is more populist than Republican… (a distinction that needs to be vetted more.  Perhaps Trumps’ populism IS the new Republican Party)… he still has, and will enjoy the support of his fellow Republicans in congress.

His election proposals were bold… and frankly quite measurable.

In January he will take office… and the clock will be ticking.

For now… the Republic will endure, and perhaps even thrive.  Our country is about to have a new President, unlike any other we have ever had… the closest comparison I can come up with is Teddy Roosevelt,… but even Teddy had some governmental experience prior to taking office.

This great experiment is popular and limited government has its’ new champion… and we will support and pray that he is successful in his Presidency.

God Bless these great United States of America… and the patriots that make her what she is.

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