The Hero and the Modern Man


The Hero and the Modern Man.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a satirical piece about “victim disarmament zones”.

Unfortunately, there are times that life does indeed imitate art.  Last week was such an occasion.

In Oregon a social misfit sought to inflict his angst on the world by attacking and murdering innocents that he deemed in his twisted mind his oppressors.

As is all too often the case, no one was allowed to have the most basic of tools to stop this madman in his rampage.  The State had deemed that all who attended Umpqua Community College be unarmed…. even the security guards.

Evidentially the Troll that came to kill people that day did not get the memo.

Yet in this tragedy… a tragedy on so many levels… a hero emerged.

Chris Mintz.

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Chris is a man of massive character.

When the villain arrived, Chris… though unarmed… engaged.

He took multiple rounds, holding the killer at bay while his classmates escaped.

He moved to the sound of violence and embraced it.

He was not a coward, and the fact that he survived the wounds that were inflicted on him is a miracle.

Ares smiled upon him that day.

Chris is a military veteran that left the military and decided to attend college to improve his economic potential to better his family.

Chris now begins the long process towards healing.  He may never fully recover physically, but the attitude shown on his face tells me that he has the mental fortitude to withstand anything.

What would have happened if Chris had a gun with him?

I have always said “No one needs a gun…. unless you need one really really bad.”  That morning Chris needed one really really bad.  

Forcibly unarmed by the State, Chris used the only weapon he had at his disposal… his body.

The other day the New York Times ran the “27 Things that make a Modern Man”.  

Number 25 was interesting….

“25.  The modern man has no use for a gun.  He doesn’t own one, and he never will.”

Sadly, I agree with the New York Times assessment.

The “Modern Man” when confronted with the Slob that wants to take as many victims with him to oblivion, would have no need for a gun.

That is because the “Modern Man” as the New York Times describes him…

Would flee or grovel.

A gun would be of utterly no use to the “Modern Man.”

For the sad truth is: the “Modern Man” is a coward.

Chris is not a “Modern Man”.

The term itself shows transience and relativism.  There is no principal to the “Modern Man” because… well… to put it bluntly… the “Modern Man” is anything but a “Man”.

Fortunately… thankfully… in a world that sees more and more “Modern Men”… there are still real men like Chris Mintz.


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