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The Recall: The California Gubernatorial Recall Election

This has been a tough week to be sure.


We lost American warriors to a “new” enemy now being called Isis-K, or, by its full name, Isis Khorasan.  Both British and German intelligence warned us these clowns would try to attack, and attack they did.  The failure of our political leaders in mitigating this international threat is completely staggering to me.  I am saddened, appalled, and disgusted.  Normally a fairly proficient wordsmith, I am left empty struggling to articulate even my most basic thoughts about this entire “manmade” disaster.  


I felt it was necessary to address the attacks, but that was not my motivating interest in writing the blog this week, though the idiocy in Washington does play a small part in this one.


Let me preface this with a disclaimer about my political prognostication skills:  I have a 100% track record when it comes to predicting the winner in a political contest.  Since I was 18 years old, when I began formally declaring who I thought would win an election, I have always got it wrong, each and every F@#ing time!


Now… sometimes I have voted for candidates, absolutely convinced they would lose, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out on election night they had prevailed.  Other times I would vote for the loser, completely convinced they would win and was left screaming at the TV set on election night.  Regardless, I have become somewhat of a “bellwether”.  If I formally state an outcome, smart money should definitely bet against me.


Thus, I want to make a prediction and have it recorded for posterity:  Gavin Newsom will survive the recall vote!


There… the deed is done.  Now vote accordingly!


As the recall gained steam, especially after the entrance of Larry Elder into the field of candidates, Newsom began to show signs of weirdness.  (Not to be confused with his traditional tyrannical arrogance, he is now just getting bizarre, and acting in a counterintuitive fashion when it comes to maintaining his seat.)


First is the way he has couched, and continues to couch, the recall effort.  He has consistently refused to address the recall as a “recall”… instead he has formally titled it the “Republican recall effort”… cute semantics, but entirely untrue.  


We now know that a ton (yes, that is a factual term), of democratic voters disgusted with Newsom signed the recall petition, and, as likely, will vote to fire him.  As the endorsements for Elder have manifested, we have also seen high-profile Democrats crossing party lines in favor of Elder.  Last week, Gloria Romero, the former head of the California Democrats in the State Senate, gave Elder a full-throated endorsement at the expense of Newsom.  


Now, the cynic might see all sorts of political intrigue in the scurrying from the sinking ship, but it does fundamentally change the reality on the ground.  Calling this election the “Republican recall” is like President Biden defending his withdrawal of Afghanistan as successful.  The mere statement induces laughter.  


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The “tone deafness” does not stop there, though.


Yesterday I went out to my mailbox and found a flyer from Newsom.  It showed a picture of President Biden and Vice President Harris and their statements about how instrumental it is to keep Newsom in office to “continue their agenda”.


In a vacuum, I guess the statement is fairly innocuous.  Taken now during our current crisis(es), it literally sends a shiver down our bipartisian collective spine.  What agenda are they referring to?  Our capitulation to medieval barbarians?  Our wholesale surrender to China?  Our pathogen transfer program at the border?  The environmental devastation we have encouraged in Africa and Asia through mineral extraction at the behest of the Chinese?  The abdication of justice to criminals with the wholesale repudiation of their victims? 


We have seen the poll numbers for Biden plummet.  (Harris’s own poll numbers have been pathetically low since she first announced her candidacy.)  Democrats have now seen the political reality that attaching themselves to Biden/Harris is tantamount to entering the bridge and sitting down on a sinking ship.  


Their “endorsements” are worse than worthless… they have become a political liability.  


But Newsom still sees them as the titular head of the Mandarine class… and he still wants to wear the emperor’s robes.  Thus, he continues to tout that both Biden and Harris will be joining us here in California in the next couple of weeks to campaign for him!


This is going to be like a pre-scheduled train wreck, and I await it with great anticipation!


Ultimately, it is going to be up to you all to decide.  Shall Newsom stay or be dismissed?  I, of course, have no time for the scoundrel.  He is a tyrant and, thus, I give him no quarter.  I want him unceremoniously removed from office and his political career ended.  I do support the candidacy of Larry Elder.  (Actually… I have already voted).  While I would like to see the “Sage of South Central” elected to governor, this time his victory is of secondary consequence.  Newsom’s removal is the prime directive. 


So, please… cast your vote; let’s get this state back to being something resembling a constitutional republic.

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