Election 2020

The Sad Election

It’s 9:43 on election night…..it is now time to start writing.

I had hoped (prayed) that I would be able to write this blog earlier than this with a decisive statement about our next president one way or the other.

(Btw….Arizona?!?  Really???  You all now can officially tear up your “I am a cowboy” card).

As of this writing the Presidents pathway towards re-election has narrowed considerably.  Ironically though the demographics of this election (again, as of this writing) are uniquely different than in the past.

First and foremost…..”labor”

Democrats have always considered themselves the party of labor.  Biden has set himself up as a champion of labor.  Yet….when you look at the working class industrial sectors of the country they have all broken for Trump.

More importantly, racial groups have become decidedly mixed.  For years we have been told that we are secondary Americans.  Our racial makeup, we were informed, was far more important than some silly notion of “nationhood”.  I am a Jewish-American, my wife is a Korean-American, and so on and so forth.  This designation is both disgusting and creates forced balkanization of our society.  If anything I am an American-Jew, as my wife is an American-Korean.  

What we saw in Florida, and Texas, specifically Democratic strongholds along the Mexican border in Texas, was a massive switch to President Trump.  

This flies in the face of Democratic dogma.  It also spells the ultimate demise demographic politics.  

I don’t know how this election will ultimately play out. 

Sadly, there is something I am prepared to predict though…

If Biden does end up winning, the issue of immigration will cease to exist….and for a very very negative reason.  

The demand of desperate people around the world for entry into the United States will simply, naturally decline.  That will be the ultimate barometer of our position in the world.  

(If you have arrived here from our newsletter, continue reading here:)

People have come to America for a variety of reasons.  Some have come for religious freedoms, some have come for economic opportunities, and some have come for a general gestalt idea of “freedom”.  Our nation now is at a great crossroads.  Regardless of the final outcome the outcome was simply too close.  We are a nation divided.  

Deeply deeply divided.  

Some feel they have the moral and intellectual authority to tell others how to live their lives, others feel that their lifestyles… (and in many respects their livelihoods) are in direct peril by the actions of the other tribe.  

A Biden win is not a win against racism.  That argument was silly and disingenuous from the beginning.  (Arguably the Biden camps belief that the African American vote was a foregone conclusion was about the most racist thing to come out of the election.)  A Biden win is simply a win of one tribe over another.  One group using the threat of force against another to alter the others language, values, totems, and culture. 

If this be our lot, if the pathway of freedom is completely dependent on a the randomization of an election every four years then we are indeed headed for destruction.  Our Constitution was intended to remove certain policy ideas from the table completely.  The Democratic Party has pushed, and pushed hard for a complete dismissal of this idea, except of course for the ideals they hold fast to.

(Thankfully the chances of “Court Packing” now seem to be negated, and we have Constitutionalists in place on the bench.)

So then we have to ask ourselves the ultimate question:  Who are we?  What makes us unique?  It is not our ideas of Freedom….the Democrats have in fact told us that “Freedom” is a quaint eighteenth century value that is not applicable in modern, regulated society.  

It is not economic prosperity.  Kamala Harris herself has stated that equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity.  The only way to establish this is to gut the idea of Entrepreneurialism.  

It is not religious freedom.  For religion is only acceptable if it aligns with politicized science. 

So then…why come to America at all?

Regardless of the final outcome….we are two tribes, and we must learn how to live together with such a fundamental disagreement of what it means to be an American.   

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Comments (2)

  • Chelsea McConnell Reply

    Sad indeed.

    11/04/2020 at 08:33
  • Ken Anderson Reply

    America, not just a place or a location but a standard of life and freedom, a value of self accomplishment and safety. For years “true Americans” have worked and fought and sacrificed even their lives to maintain and protect the values of America. But sadly these lessons have not been passed on. To ALL school teachers, clergymen and ministers, parents and political leaders-(I use the term loosely) We have Failed. It is oblivious by this election that we have sacrificed for nothing.

    On this day, I am watching America commit suicide. America has become not the Country built on Core Values based on freedom, moral standards created by all men and women with sweat and sacrifice for a life of liberty and a allegiance to a belief that our constitution, the foundation of country will never be altered and destroyed for political gain. But one of a lazy, selfish life style lead by Hollywood phony’s and those who only care about what’s in it for me.

    Our new class of voters including our youth, women, minorities and educators and more have given up and have traded—
    • Opportunity for entitlements.
    • Pride and Accomplishment for welfare.
    • Freedom for Free stuff.
    • Creativity and growth and self improvement for regulated living.
    • Our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights for Government control.

    America has been the protector of so many counties and has brought piece and healthy standards to so many people and foreign communities by fighting against Tierney and terrorism, but today our own country has turned its back and we are becoming no better than those we fight against.

    To our Youth, so called college students, females who for whatever reason just didn’t like our president and ignored what he has accomplished, and so called minorities and those who vote for a false promise. Enjoy your new America.

    11/04/2020 at 09:48

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