Time Heals All Wounds

Time Wounds All Heals…..

In our CCW class I often mention that biology is our enemy.  We must strive for efficiency, because if speed alone is our only goal we are destined to loose.  There will always be an assailant that is younger and quicker then we are.  We must be more efficient then them.

We also have to know our own limitations… but train as aggressively as possible.

Knowing those limitations are key though.

I found this out the hard way last Thursday night.

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Last Thursday we hosted a Post CCW class.  This course, which happens usually once every two months focus on specialized scenarios and legal ramifications for CCW holders.

This particular class involved vehicles.

Specifically we wanted to gage the reaction that each CCW holder would have to a specific scenario.

Inside the lab we used my truck as a prop.  One at a time each CCW holder was taken from the classroom, (we performed a safety check to make sure they were unarmed) and then handed one of our systems Glocks and instructed to carry it in the same manner they carry their CCW weapon.

They were then instructed to get in the drivers seat of my truck and buckle their seat belt.  We then let them know that they had been driving down PCH and as they looked in their rear view mirror they saw a motor cop pulling them over.

The scenario would begin with John, our instructor and a retired cop from Buena Park approaching the vehicle to conduct a traditional car stop.

As he asked the driver for their identification we checked to see when and how the student informed John that they were a CCW holder.  During this time I walked along the “sidewalk” next to the truck looking to see what was going on.  I then would “surreptitiously” make my way behind the vehicle, come up behind John and physically assault him.

This would result in John and I both going to the ground with me struggling to get his gun from him.

What was fascinating to see was how our CCW holders reacted.

Most immediately exited the vehicle, and some drew their weapons and ordered me to stop.  At least this is what they told me.  I could not hear them at all, nor could I see them with their guns drawn.  Any advantage they thought they gained by drawing was lost.

They also were ridiculously reluctant to shoot me.  Even with John screaming at them “He’s going for my gun! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him!”

One student taught me a lesson though.

Justin is a younger, larger lad who had heard about our program and was excited to take the class.  When we briefed the class that this was a “hands on” class, and physical contact was allowed… even encouraged… I should have made an exception for Justin.

When it was Justin’s turn and he saw me assault John he went full “sheepdog” on us.  He exited the vehicle and dropped to the ground to physically restrain me.  Unfortunately, the first point of contact he made with me was his left knee going directly into my kidney.

John later told me that he could actually feel the energy transference go from Justin’s knee, through my body and into Johns.

The moment that knee hit me I was done.  Literally.  Had I wanted to continue the fight I would not have had the physical ability to do so.  Beyond having the wind knocked out of me the pain I felt was debilitating.

This shit hurt!

As I “walked it off” I shook my head wondering why this was hurting so much.  I’ve taken blows before in training, hell… I’ve been in my share of fights, and this hurt much more than anything I had felt before.

Then it dawned on me… the last time I had a contact with this was twenty years ago.  Twenty years may not be a tremendous amount of time, but the milage adds up.

Fight hard folks… but understand your limitations.  If you are broken it is hard to train!

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