Train Train Train


Train Train Train

little while back FEMA launched a public protocol to help people develop a plan to deal with active shooters.

It is labeled: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

We’ve helped develop it a little:

RUN, HIDE, Launch such a devastating explosive counter attack that the enemies’ ancestors are reluctant to accept the bastard into their club for fear that you will follow him to Hell and continue your assault.

The issue here is mindset… and the mindset you need is one of profound personal offense: HOW DARE THAT MORON ATTEMPT TO ATTACK ME OR THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE!

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When the protocol of Run Hide Fight came out, an inordinate amount of energy was spent on drilling for the first two elements…. and virtually nothing on the last.

That has done nothing but encourage the goblins.

You see… most of us view others through what is called a “rational actor” perspective.  We know that everything we do is based essentially on an economic calculus.  

We are willing to accept a certain level of risk to achieve a goal.  If we thought that every time we got behind the wheel of our car to go to work there was at best a 50/50 chance of us getting killed, we wouldn’t go to work… or we would work close enough from our home to walk.  

Since the statistical probability of us getting killed while driving is so low we don’t bother to really think about it every time we get in our car.

We assume that a thug is going through the same calculation.  They want to steel our stuff so we lock our doors.  When the criminal realizes the doors are locked they do a calculation:  Should I stay here and expose myself trying to break in…. or do I move on to a more vulnerable target.  

We are betting that they choose the latter…. so we lock our doors.

A terrorist does the same calculus…. its just that this latest bunch of fanatics in our human history is more interested in inflicting pain, then in surviving to fight in the next round.

The terrorist goes through a secondary calculus as well… they don’t want to be denied their moment of glory… and things that would prevent them from succeeding in their “mission” represent the cost portion of the equation.  When the costs become too exorbitant, they change their operational planning and/or seek another target.

When the terrorists attack, they know that the statistical probability of their victims fighting back is so low it typically does not become part of the economic equation.

We need to change that today.

These proto-humans need to fully grasp the fact that if they dare to launch an attack on us again there will indeed be some that seek to run… (if their best chance of survival is through an open door then by all means…. run and run fast!)  If the victims realize that they have the ability to shelter in place and avoid the line of sight of the troglodytes….  then they should consider themselves lucky for the moment and shelter in place…

But those victims need to know that all cover…. whether a closet, a bookshelf, or an Abrams Tank is by definition temporary.  Once the cover has been blown, there is only one option left:  FIGHT!

This fight must be merciless, it must be refreshingly violent, it must make the Angels in Heaven pause, look down and gasp at the sheer audacity and explosive rage that one individual can bring to bear upon another.

When the terrorists know…when they truly believe… that we are a nation of warriors, individual patriots that are prepared to tear the lungs out of our enemies, their actions will begin to modify.

A terrorist will define success as an event that creates enough carnage that the enemy, (us) become demoralized.  A well armed citizenry that becomes emboldened by an attack and the bravery used to stop it, is the exact opposite of their goals.

Make no mistake… theirs is a diabolicly quixotic mission… they have no illusions that they will be “successful”.   (At least in terms that we would define “success”).  What they don’t want, what is anathema to them, is a denial of opportunity.  

We WILL deny them the opportunity to continue their attack, and make others who would even consider imitating them, cower in the fear that comes from the knowledge that a million eyes are upon them.

Is a firearm necessary to defend yourself? 

Is a can opener necessary to open a can?  

Not when your life defends on it.  A rock will do if you are hungry enough.  

You are the weapon… the gun.. the stapler… the chair… the broken bottle… those are simply force multipliers that increase your effectiveness.

What is the single most important thing you can do?




Train like your life depends on it.  

It does… and so do the lives of those who are around you.  

I used to say that deciding to raise yourself out of denial and face the reality of our violent world was a choice.  

It is no longer a choice… it is a moral mandate.


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