Pre-CCW Promotions

Attorney and Co-Owner of the Artemis Defense Institute Steven Lieberman Assist with writing the Good Cause Statement for CCW Applications

50% off CCW Consultation

These consultations are private one on one meetings between you and our attorney, Steven Lieberman. 



PRICE: $150/30 minutes

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CCW Prep Package

This is the preparation package recommended prior to CCW. 


It come with four group classes: Pistol 1, Pistol 2, Pistol 3, and Skills and Drills.  This package is for one person.  


PRICE: $336.00

Use COUPON CODE ccwprep50 takes 50% off at check out.
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OCSD CCW classes at Artemis

10% Off of your CCW Training


Whether you choose the 2 day format (typically Sat/Sun combination, a Semi-Private or Private session, take 10% off of your class by using the Coupon listed below.



PRICE: Varies

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