Trump, Part Deux

Iowa and New Hampshire have spoken.



The media have done whatever humanly possible to convince the voters that Donald Trump is a “has been”… a “criminal”… and a “threat to democracy”.



The people have responded to the media with a resounding, “F@#k Off!”



Now, a couple things:



1) I do not like Donald Trump.



2)  I voted for Donald Trump twice.



3)  I am convinced that I will be voting for Donald Trump a third time.



4)  I am not happy about that reality, but it is what it is.



So… what is my conflict with “The Orange Man”?   Well, for starters, I have absolutely no feelings of security that he is grounded in anything that even resembles a political philosophy.  He is a populist in the basest terms.  The Constitution, and the constraints that it puts upon our government, is a mere suggestion to him, and one that he is ready to dismiss out of hand.



This scares the crap out of me because it diminishes predictability.  Without predictability it is very difficult, if not impossible, to navigate into the future.



He is also a boor.



His verbiage, his mannerisms, his bombastic nature, and his flat-out arrogance bother the hell out of me… but, honestly, I can deal with that.



Hemingway was an absolute piece of garbage, but he still knew how to spin a yarn.  It is very important to separate the art from the artist… and this includes (in fact, is maybe even more important) when we talk about politics.



Do I think he is a “criminal”?



No more than anyone else is.  As Stalin famously stated, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”



Do I think he is actually guilty of doing anything regarding January 6th?  Oh please… I don’t think ANYONE is guilty (other than perhaps some vandalism charges) of doing criminal acts on January 6th.



No… my problem, as I have stated before, is I think Donald Trump is a Liberal.



He is also a Conservative.



He is, as Talleyrand was, whatever he wants to be at any one time.



There is one thing he has remained consistent on though:  He is a “Brokenist”… and as much as it pains me to say it… that is what we need right now.



There are two competing theories… well, actually three… but the dominant conflict is between “Brokenists” and “Status Quoists”.



A “Status Quoist” believes institutions of government are perfectly fine.  The system generally has the capacity to “work”.  The problem is with the people who are sitting behind the desks.  Get rid of them and replace them with competent people… then you have yourself a viable, working government apparatus.



A “Brokenist” (I am becoming one of them) disagrees with that premise. They believe the government is fundamentally flawed.  Regardless of the people, the system is corrupt and unworkable.  It needs to be fully dismantled and replaced.



Then there is the tiny last group who thinks the government is great as it is.  These people are morons and there is no value in talking about them.



Donald Trump has consistently presented himself as a Status Quoist.  It’s the “deep state” that is the problem!  It needs to be purged!



In reality, I think he is actually more of a Brokenist himself as well… it is what he wants to replace the government with that gives me pause.



What he has done (with a couple of misfires) is to populate the judiciary with judges who range from Conservative (Judge Van Dyke on the 9th Circuit) to true Classical Liberals (Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court).



As we move forward in our experiment in popular government (if that is still even a thing) we will need more and more judges who have this underlying judicial philosophy.



Joe Biden… (or the probable replacement prior to the nomination) is not that guy.



I would go so far as to state the entirety of the Democratic political class has abandoned its “liberal” cards.  It has officially become the Fascist Party of America.  It has elevated the State to a cosmological level.  It uses force, or the threat of force, to demand obedience to the state and, by extension, its ideological cause, and it will absolutely not tolerate dissent.  This is most apparent in their disdain for humor.  All Fascists recoil at satirical humor and it, and its useful idiots in the media, have done whatever they can to create a humorless society.



Trump will be the Republican nominee.  With trepidation in the extreme, I will once again cast my vote for him.



Chaney once asked me what I thought of Donald Trump.  I told her that Trump was the metaphorical equivalent of Metamucil.  The body politic of America had become constipated and now we needed a full cleanse.  We do not leave the Metamucil in a place of honor in our home… we keep it in the medicine cabinet.  We bring it out when it is needed, and once we are regular, we put it away.  One term clearly was not enough to get us regular.



Once again… I will vote for the orange colon cleanse.



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Comments (8)

  • Johannes Bernbeck Reply

    It is a little bit like churches. Religions ultimately become corrupt and interfere with peoples faith (the very thing they were originally designed to steward). Then it becomes necessary for a reformation of the church to get back to the findamentals which were originally intended. Donald Trump could be the Martin Luther of the American experiment.

    01/24/2024 at 08:19

    Your best to date, and that’s a VERY high bar.*

    Not Stalin, but his thug Beria.

    01/24/2024 at 10:30
  • Jerome Schammel Reply

    I don’t think I have ever agreed more to what you have said in this blog. I think Trump is a jerk and a bully. But he was a competent if not a good President. I agree with most of his policies but not all. His unpredictability was actually a positive. It confused his enemies and caused them to consider their actions and reactions to him. The democratic alternative is not even remotely an option. The road they are on is all downhill for our culture and my values. Maybe there are better candidates but they will not win the nomination. So for a third time, I will vote for the Orange one.

    01/24/2024 at 10:34
  • Dr. Laurence Fakinos Reply

    I love the Trump blog. I could not agree more, with one particular exception. I too, don’t like him, but voted for twice, and will do so again. I tell people I couldn’t stand him, until he was my president. It’s not what you say, but what you do.
    Trump derangement syndrome is so sick and pervasive. It’s ridiculous that half the country can’t distinguish between words and deeds and would rather the country continue to decline than have the orange meanie in office.
    My disagreement in the blog is regarding your comment on Jan 6. I believe a serious crime was committed by the capitol police officer who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt (sp?), may God rest her soul. I would love to get your take on that shooting.

    01/24/2024 at 10:55
  • Robert Hagler Reply

    I like like your metaphorical equivalent of the Metamucil statement. I think that accurately reflects what the American people are seeing. I am happy to note that this is the awakening I have been waiting for as we’ve all watched in horror how the country has changed. I am fine with change, but what we are seeing in America today is bizarre. Never thought I’d see Foreign Flags climbing all over Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats in America!, as an example. One thing I’ve noticed in our first two primaries this election season: Iowa voted as I’d expect from a midwestern state. New Hampshire though, surprised me in that nearly 80% of the voters thought that Biden is doing a good job on the southern US Border! And nearly the same percentage thought that the economy is good! What this said to me, is that perhaps, just perhaps, many of those snowed in residents of the Northeast US live a good life, maybe too good, and are out of touch with what is going on at the street level in America. I don’t think it is too far from the truth. At this point, I hope that Trump can stay safe from all the crazies who have orange hair syndrome. Trump will come loaded with a cadre of energetic staff. Nearly everyone liked him before he entered politics, then something changed. But, are we ready again to entertain the famous saying: “Your Fired!”? I think soo. We are living in interesting times. Keep your foot on the gas pedal America.

    01/24/2024 at 15:21
  • Norm Ellis Reply

    I tend to agree with you 100%. However, this country is in a dictatorship with more people wanting the government to tell them what to do. Capitalism has died along with the good music. There are no more free thinkers. They died off before the sixties. I would prefer a president of action not a blow hard idiot which both of them are!!!

    01/24/2024 at 17:38
  • Bob Dallape Reply

    I agree, I wouldn’t invite Trump over for dinner but I think he was a great president. He accomplished so much in his four years such as the Abraham accords, goading the NATO members to pony up their fair shares, remain in Mexico, build the wall…I can go on and on…all while the democrats were nipping at his heels. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That’s how I categorize anyone who votes for a democrat. What sets Trump apart is that he is a business man and the U.S. needs to be run like a business.

    01/24/2024 at 20:09
  • Alyson Rutledge Reply

    Im voting for him again!

    01/28/2024 at 16:26

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