West America

West America

Day 1:

Today the citizens of California, Oregon, and Washington rose up against the homophobic, racist, sexist, and anti-government forces that elected Trump into office and formally declared the independent state of West America.  Hence forth, West America will sever ties to the United States, accept the migrant workers from the south seeking economic freedom, ensure the freedom to marry who and what a citizen wants to marry and will mandate that all energy produced in West America be clean and sustainable.


Day 5:

We have a problem.  The Costal Commission and the AQMD have demanded jurisdiction over many of our secessionist mandates.  The Costal Commission alone is requiring a three year feasibility study and an environmental impact report!  We are working to determine if waivers can be granted to speed up the time table.  Still, as we move forward with this experiment in a peoples republic we want to ensure the process is done in the proper fashion.

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Day 7:

Ok, this is getting ridiculous.  Business have begun to shut down and flee to the east.  They are completely ignoring the reporting requirements to shut down and provide proper severance to their employees.  They are just…. leaving!  Worse… their employees are leaving with them!  Several state workers are reporting that their regulatory authority is becoming jeopardized because there is no one left to regulate!

Day 10:

We need to make sure that people stay put here in West America.  We have decided that all property is now property of the State, and workers are now all government employees.  That means they all get a big fat pension!  They also get the complete benefit of free health care, and collective bargaining!  Farms that produce food must adhere to West America’s sustainable environmental laws and many State workers will be readjusted to ensure farming compliance.

Day 14:

Well… the “farms gig” is not going exactly as planned.  Yes they are being regulated, but no one is doing anything!  The farms are literally laying fallow.  If this continues no one in the cities is going to have anything to eat.  Also, we have a new problem of counter revolutionary rebels beginning to mobilize against state forces.  These criminals are the same ones we saw arming themselves to the teeth while we were still connected to the US.  From this point forward firearm ownership of any sort is illegal, and state workers are being given police powers to seize any firearms found.

Day 20:

Hmmm.. well, the whole “round up the guns thing” turns out to be a nightmare.  Now we have a ton of rebels on our hands that are attacking the State offices in the cities.  We also don’t have anyone to defend them.  The National Guard units have all defected to the US, and we are in real jeopardy of loosing Washington and Oregon.  We also are seeing a massive amount of inflation of the West American dollar.  Fortunately, Soros is handling our debts for the moment, but when his money runs out we are screwed!

Day 25.

You’ve got to be kidding me!  They are building a wall!  A friggen wall across the border!  They are literally putting a Berlin style wall up along the entire eastern border of California.  Are they really that concerned that the people of the United States are going to come to West America to join forces with us that they need to build a wall?

ummm… I’ve just been informed by our local commander of the southern district that the wall is not to keep the Americans out… it is to keep us in!  What is this crap?!!

Day 30.

The people of West America are starving and dying.  We have no means of production, no one willing to work.  Crime is going nuts… we’ve got friggen cartel guys coming north and taking over whole neighborhoods.  We have to do something fast.

Day 32.

We are going to declare war on the United States.  We expect twenty to thirty minutes of fighting before our forces surrender.  We will then offer a complete unconditional surrender and demand that the US develop a “Marshal plan” and rebuild us.  Yeah… this worked out just great.

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