What a Week!

Wow… what a week it has been!

For those of you that have been thinking of getting a CCW… or for those of you that are in the process of going through the application gauntlet… we have good news for both of you!

As you probably heard from our email blast last week, as well as our Facebook page, the Artemis Defense Institute is now officially sanctioned by the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. as a training facility.

This means that you can now take your state mandated 16 hour course through us and qualify with your pistols for your CCW.

We are proud of our program, and honored that the Sheriffs dept. recognizes the quality of what we have to offer.

For those of you that are not domiciled in Orange County, stay tuned…. we are planning on becoming a certified training center for other Sheriffs depts. as well.

(If you arrived here from our newsletter continue reading here:)

Now… as for other CCW developments:

For those of you that are unaware, and are looking for a little legal background on the whole CCW thing, and why this Peruta case keeps cropping up in the news, please go HEREfor a historical background recital.

The two critical developments recently are:

  • The turning of the US Senate
  • The 9th Circuit denying the State Attorney General Kamela Harris’s motion for intervenor in the Peruta Case.

Lets take this one by one:

The turning of the Senate is very important. Up until now democrats were less than exuberant about passing a national reciprocity bill.

Reciprocity for a CCW is essentially the same as reciprocity for your drivers license.

From a constitutional perspective, each of us is entitled to “privileges and immunities” that are to be recognized from state to state.

My wife and I were married in Las Vegas… (yeah… I know what you are thinking)…

California did not require us to re-marry when we got back home. When we go back to Las Vegas and enter Nevada our drivers licensees are recognized as legitimate documents that allow us to drive.

Many people that were issued CCW’s in their home state have fallen victim to the fact that their CCW is not recognized by a neighboring state.

This is especially true with New York and New Jersey, where their draconian laws have landed good law abiding people in jail.

Some of them for doing nothing more than boarding a flight to a “friendly” state and having that flight diverted mid-air into the “unfriendly” state.

Since some states allow for non-resident CCW permits to be issued, successfully passing a national reciprocity bill will essentially turn the entire US… including California into a Shall Issue state.

Since a resident of Los Angeles or San Francisco can apply for a CCW in Utah, a national reciprocity bill would force Los Angeles and San Francisco to recognize that Utah CCW.

I have to be honest…. I kinda like this.

The other development was the denial of intervenor in the Peruta decision. Make no mistake… this battle over Peruta is not over. Ms. Harris still has a couple of avenues she could pursue in an effort to overturn Peruta, but she is spending a lot and loosing a lot.

The political capital that she needs to expend to pursue her agenda in light of a turned congress might be a bridge too far.

Only time will tell.

In the mean time if you live in the OC our Sheriff has agreed to live by the guidance of the Peruta decision… and has been doing so since it was first issued in February.

For those of you that want your CCW and the ability to exercise your fundamental right of self defense…. all you need to do is make an appointment.

You can do so at the sheriffs website at www.ocsd.org.


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