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What Happens Next…

What Happens Next?

I am writing this blog on Friday, November 6th.  The election remains in turmoil, and while all signs seem to point towards a Biden win, it is not a foregone conclusion. 

As I am sure things will change before you read this blog, I felt it was important to understand when it was written. 

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, there are some interesting takeaways from this whole mess that need to be addressed.

I have said in the past that Gorbachev and Trump were far closer than most people realize. 

Gorbachev issued Perestroika which, fundamentally, was a deregulation of the Soviet System. 

Trump’s goal was to “drain the swamp”… essentially a full-scale repudiation of the political class in Washington and a commensurate deregulation of economic regulations that stymie GDP. 

The Communist party in the USSR became concerned that the pace of reform was outstripping its ability to control the levers of power.  This, ultimately, resulted in a coup. 

Gorbachev was sent to his dacha on the Black Sea, effectively stripped of power and placed under house arrest. 

Trump (potentially) lost an election that has been mired in allegation of widespread voter and pollster fraud.

Soon after Gorbachev’s ouster, a massive number of people gathered outside the White House (the Soviet legislative house) in Moscow.  Among the protesters was a political firebrand named Boris Yeltsin.

This spark caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I don’t suspect that we are going to see a similar occurrence here in the United States.  It certainly will not happen at the speed that it happened in the Soviet Union… but there is a fundamental shift coming and, ironically, Biden/Harris may be the predicate that is necessary for that shift.

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I was talking to the Cadet the day after the election and she stated something that bears sharing.  Her concern was not a Biden presidency.  She feels, as do I, that it will be constrained by the Democrats in Congress who are already smarting from the losses they experienced as a result of their radical wing. 

Her rationale is that if Trump were to be reelected, a candidate would emerge in a couple of years that would wholly embrace the radical leftist agenda.  With Americans bored of “Trumpism”, that candidate would have a real shot.

With a Biden presidency we are headed to what effectively is going to be similar to a Carter presidency.  We will become weak internationally, our GDP will become anemic, and the peace process in the Middle East will stall or completely collapse as we try to ingratiate ourselves once again with Iran.

This will naturally cause the rise of a “Reagan”.  For just as Carter was a necessary predicate for Reagan, Biden will be a necessary predicate for ????

She may have a point.

What is extremely problematic, though, is how we are going to operate on the International stage.  North Korea will exert its power… if for no other reason than to test.  China will massively begin to essentially colonize Africa… (That, by the way, is where I see our next “war” happening)… and the Middle East peace process will stall where it is.

Will the country survive a Biden presidency?

Of course.

Will the Democrats survive a Biden presidency?  That is a far more interesting question.

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Comments (7)

  • Ron Young Reply

    Sounds very logical but will the people actually think about these things you bring up, or will they continue to be gaslighted into submission by the media?

    11/11/2020 at 08:38
  • Ken Anderson Reply

    Interesting points by the Cadet.. I feel it will all depend on the senate. As for being a Jimmy Charter- Biden is old and dumb and Harris is dangerous and just waiting for him to pass on. The freedoms we lose in their four years are going to affect the core population of America, these are the ones that love America and not just exist- for example, the one’s that train at your place, the one’s that put up a flag on veterans day etc. As for our friend Ronald Reagan, keep in mind he was charming but he also banded the simi Auto rifles and gave amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the nation which included thousands.. To bad he didn’t hang on to their votes.. And to end this response, we had better pray that the next war is “NOT” in Africa as we all know if anyone shoots a black person today knows that you are in deep shit… We will have to send in the social workers.

    11/11/2020 at 09:55
  • Jimm Vest Reply

    I have exactly the same view, however I think Taiwan is in China’s sights now. Biden may be the real trigger for the ultimate change as people will be able to judge political agendas side-by-side. as this USC Trojan says (tip of the hat to Chruchill) in both football and politics, Never Give Up!
    Fight On!

    11/11/2020 at 10:00
  • Kurt Hoehn Reply

    It is interesting to note that I heard (on a certain channel) that the USMA is looking at changing the name of “Lee” Hall. It would be interesting to hear the “anonymous “ opinion of a cadet concerning that

    11/11/2020 at 12:41
  • J.R. Mathews Reply

    I really appreciate and respect the assessment. To some degree, I agree with it. But I see it a bit differently. Back in 1976-1980 during Carter the times were quite different than they are now. It is true that Biden could be similar in many respects to Carter when it comes to the administration (presuming, of course, that Biden takes the white house in the end). But times have changed drastically. If the Democrats actually manage to win this, and get Biden (and the philanderer Harris) into office, after all of the voter disinformation and voting irregularities that are happening now, what do you think the chances the liberals-in-charge will attempt to ensure that Republicans are not able to win the white house again? Long shot there? Conspiracy theory there? Perhaps. But I would be highly concerned. While Biden could be compared to Carter in many respects (again – presuming he wins in the end), the times are not the same and I have my doubts whether a Reagan-like figure will emerge. And even if he (or she) actually does emerge somehow, given the level of voting irregularities – and who knows what is to come – what are the odds such a person would actually ever win? Could we be witnessing the end of our Republic in some ways? In many ways perhaps? If that be the case, would it not be time for a revolution – for red states to band together (meaning conservative men and women of good character should strongly consider their exit-from-California strategy now – seriously), for those red states to readopt the Constitution as written, and to resist the liberal/socialist attempts to “fundamentally transform” our country into something we no longer recognize or respect? What then? Liberty Tree? Think this is crazy talk? Throughout ALL of history we have seen Republics come AND GO. At some point, they fail. Ours will too. The questions become – WHEN will ours fail (and why), and if we are witnessing that now, WHAT ARE WE PREPARED TO DO? Go about our daily business and just chit chat about it until that proverbial wool gets finally pulled over our eyes? Time to make plans, and to prepare. But this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. Void where prohibited.

    11/11/2020 at 22:04
  • Gary Burger Reply

    There is too much speculation in your comments for me to accept them as an accurate portrayal of the future. The bottom line is that if Biden wins there will be a total loss of faith in our voting system. There has always been “irregularities” but never on the scale that took place this year. It is not that Trump must win. It is that the Democrats must lose.

    11/12/2020 at 08:39

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