Wormwood Conversation

Wormwood Conversation

“Don’t you think that reasonable restrictions are necessary when it comes to guns?”

“Can I be the one to draft the “reasonable” restrictions and leave you out of the process?”

“Well that would not be fair”


“Because its obvious where you stand on this… you would not enact any serious reforms.”

“Hmmm.. good point… tell you what… in your universe guns are bad and need to be regulated from a health and safety standpoint right?”

“Hey… I never said all guns arebad… but seriously… do you reallyneedone of those AR-15 things?  Those are weapons of war and….”

“Sorry to cut you off, but you’re about to start monologuing.  You want to ban most guns right?”

“Well,… Yes I don’t know why anyone really needs them”

“Believe it or not I might be willing to agree with you.”


“But we have to agree on some things first. Ok?”

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“Agree on what exactly?”

“Well first of all, we have to be willing to ignore a Supreme Court ruling that FINALLY recognized the Second Amendment as a fundamental right… the same type of right like free speech, religion, and equal protection.”

“Well for your information, I think the Supreme Court got that one wrong… you know they’ve gotten other cases wrong before: Dred Scott, Plessy v Ferguson.”

“Yeah..  those were doozies!… but stay with me for a sec…  Like I said I might be willing to “ban guns”.. well.. regulate who can own them, but we have to be consistent.”

“Here it comes”

“Yep… I also think we need to regulate speech, and religion… after all more and more people are claiming to be either atheists or agnostics why do weneedto protect an antiquated concept of cosmology?  I’m also notcomfortablewith that whole equal protection thing.”

“You don’t think everyone should be treated equally?”

“Why should I?  You don’t… you are more than willing to create special laws that apply only to those that wish to exercise one of their basic fundamental rights… but I digress… we are talking about your new utopia that you and I are going to build together.”

“It’s not a utopia!  I just don’t think people should have guns… well except for military and police!”

“Calm down… I’m not going to knock you off your unicorn… you and I want the same thing!  I don’t wantYOUto have a gun either.”


“I don’t trust you.”

“What the hell do you mean you don’t trust me!?!”

“Just what I said.  I’ve read your writings, I’ve seen what you have proposed, I don’t trust you… I am concerned that you might have the makings of a tyrant.”

“I’m not a tyrant!  I just don’t think people can be trusted with guns!”

“Well.. I agree with you to a point.  I don’t think people likeyoucan be trusted with guns… we need to banyouand people likeyoufrom owning them.”

“That is crap!  Who the hell do you think you are?!?”

“Well… I’m not done… I’m also not comfortable with you writing blogs, making speeches, voting, or owning property.  Your ideas are just too… well you know…dangerous.  I have a right to feel comfortable, and your political viewpoints just, well.. they make me feel uncomfortable…. I want to ban you from expressing them.”

“You can’t!”

“If I become the government I can.”

“But you say you’re a Constitutionalist… if you were to do that you would be violating the Constitution…. those are fundamental rights.”

“As is the Second Amendment my friend.”


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