60 Minute Private Training Session – Immersive VR Training


Immersive Defensive Tactics Training, NOW… OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.   Each session is completely private… and is one on one with our instructor.  This is a great self awareness session! *If you encounter any issues with using your purchased passes or passes included in your membership, please contact us by phone at (949) 305-6586 or by email at artemishq@artemishq.com.*

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    The Orion Training System is a proprietary technology developed for us (Artemis) by us (Artemis).  We took what we have learned over the 8 years of operations as we utilized the simulators that we have in-house, found the limitations of the systems, and created a program using the Virtual Reality Platform to debut our abilities.


    The first Training Module focuses on Room Clearing… Using the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), the module is broken into four steps.

    1. Learn the technique/skillset – this is completed in the real world prior to the use of technology
    2. Sandbox – once you have learned the proper technique/skill, you will run through the real-world practice under VR, and go through your first level of debriefing and analysis
    3. Application – in this particular module, there are a minimum of 10 shoot houses that you will go through with a variety of shoot/no shoot, moving/static targets.  Debrief and analysis after each shoot-house is eye-opening.
    4. Practical – this is where you are tested on your new skill set with an appropriate scenario (coming soon).


    During and after the debrief

    • See yourself from the perspective of the “bad” guy
    • Self-evaluate the speed and tempo of the use of your technique and your movements
    • Understand what catches your eyes as you scan or look through your sights
    • Evaluate the decisions that you make as you move through the shoot-house
    • Understand how you react and track your biometrics while you move and shoot
    • Analyze your ballistics

    The one thing that we can guarantee after your first session… YOU WILL LEARN what you did not know about yourself.    Come in and give the session a try.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your session, please send Sandy Lieberman and email for a full refund.