60 Minute Private Training Session – Immersive VR Training


Experience the future of firearms training with ADI’s 60-minute Private VR Session. Step into Orion Training System’s immersive virtual reality platform for a realistic and intense training experience. Elevate your skills, improve decision-making, and maximize your potential in a safe and controlled environment. Unleash your training like never before.

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    The Orion Training System is a proprietary technology developed for us (Artemis) by us (Artemis).  We took what we have learned over the eight years of operations as we utilized the simulators that we have in-house, found the limitations of the systems, and created a program using the Virtual Reality Platform to debut our abilities. *If you encounter any issues with using your purchased passes or passes included in your membership, please contact us by phone at (949) 305-6586 or by email at artemis@artemishq.com.*


    The first Training Module focuses on Room Clearing… Using the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), the module is broken into four steps.

    1. Learn the technique/skillset – this is completed in the real world prior to the use of technology
    2. Sandbox – once you have learned the proper technique/skill, you will run through the real-world practice under VR, and go through your first level of debriefing and analysis
    3. Application – in this particular module, there are a minimum of 10 shoot houses that you will go through with a variety of shoot/no shoot, moving/static targets.  Debrief and analysis after each shoot-house is eye-opening.
    4. Practical – this is where you are tested on your new skill set with an appropriate scenario (coming soon).


    During and after the debrief

    • See yourself from the perspective of the “bad” guy
    • Self-evaluate the speed and tempo of the use of your technique and your movements
    • Understand what catches your eyes as you scan or look through your sights
    • Evaluate the decisions that you make as you move through the shoot-house
    • Understand how you react and track your biometrics while you move and shoot
    • Analyze your ballistics

    The one thing that we can guarantee after your first session: YOU WILL LEARN what you did not know about yourself.    Come in and give the session a try.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your session, please send Sandy Lieberman an email for a full refund.