Club 2A


Apply the skills you’ve learned in 4M out at the range!

Members’-Only Live-Shoot

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    This course is for members who have demonstrated proficiency and safety at Artemis. Held at Prado Olympic Shooting Park, students are given the opportunity to fire the courses taught in our 4M Classes under live-fire conditions, with Artemis instructors.

    Dates: CCW Sundays
    Time: 0830-1200
    Please note: You must register 24 hours in advance.
    No formal invite is required.
    Instructor clearance is required to attend Club 2A..
    Major safety violations such as negligent discharges, or repeated other potential safety violations are grounds for dismissal from the class.

    This class includes:

    • Shooting the courses-of-fire taught in the 4M Classes under live-fire conditions using your own firearm
    • Shoot from the holster from a variety of positions
    • Shoot both paper and steel targets
    • Practice transitioning between handgun and rifle (if on the rifle range)

    Location:  Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino Hills

    • Your firearm(s)
    • 250 – 300 rounds of ammo
    • Mags & mag pouches
    • Holster (OTW or ITW)
    • Eye & ear protection