Club 2A Tactics


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    A course for members ONLY who have already completed the Basic Rifle series.  The focus of this advanced class is on:
    • Moving and shooting
    • Transitioning from rifle to pistol during engagements and while on the move
    • Shooting from awkward positions (going from standing to kneeling to prone)
    • Shooting from barricades, etc.

    The location of this class is Prado Olympic Shooting Park.

    • AR-15 style rifle or similar rifle with a 2 point sling
    • 300+ rounds of rifle ammunition
    • Pistol with gun belt and accessories
    • Holster, mag pouches, and dump pouch, etc.
    • 250+ rounds of pistol ammunition
    • Plate carrier (optional)
    • Knee and elbow pads (optional)

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