Defensive Shotgun


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    Are you up for the challenge?   Learn more about your specific shotgun and shoot from standing, kneeling (if capable), and prone positions.


    • Nomenclature
    • Proper loading & unloading
    • Ballistics of common defensive ammunition on the market and its appropriate use
    • Speed Reloads
    • Tactical Reloads
    • Malfunction Drills
    • Standing, Kneeling & Prone Position Shooting
    • Location:  Prado Olympic Shooting Park

    Requirements: There are no prerequisites for this course.

    • Be sure to bring the following:
      • Modern Pump-Action or Semi-Automatic Shotgun
      • Side Saddle (extra shell carrier mounted on the weapon – not mandatory)
      • 400 rounds of birdshot
      • 20 rounds of .00 buckshot
      • 20 rounds of rifled slug
      • Dump pouch
      • Eye and ear protection
      • Snacks/Lunch